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Mountain WeatherMountain Weather: A Practical Guide for Hillwalkers and Climbers in the British Isles (Outdoor Pursuits & Techniques) Our mountains have plenty of weather. They are almost always windier, colder, cloudier and wetter than low country. What is more, the weather mood can change bewilderingly quickly, from gloomy, lowering skies and driving rain to shafts of sunlight and breath-taking patterns of colour. The weather can delight or endanger. It can create a mental picture never to be forgotten or thrust the unwary into a fight for life. Whether it is to avoid danger or to add to enjoyment of the mountain scene, before starting a day outdoors among the hills it is wise to know what the weather is likely to be. This book helps hillwalkers and climbers to get the weather forecast most suited to their needs, to understand them, and to modify them in the light of experience of mountain weather.

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