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Neil Munro

Neil Munro - the Biography Widely known for his great comic creation 'Para Handy', Neil Munro (1863 - 1930) was a distinguished journalist and accomplished novelist. Neil Munro was born in 1863 in Inverary, Argyll. He followed a career in journalism on various Scottish papers such as The Greenock Advertiser, The Glasgow News, The Falkirk Herald, and finally the Glasgow Evening News where he was made chief reporter at the age of only 23, and eventually became the editor. He achieved success with his collections of short stories, poetry and historical novels, and by the time of his death in 1930 he was widely referred to as the heir to Scott and Stevenson. He is, however, generally best remembered for his humourous works, most notably the tales of Para Handy, Erchie and Jimmy Swan.

The Vital SparkThe Vital Spark: The Illustrated Para... Handy. The hilarious exploits of Para Handy and his crew - beloved by readers since Neil Munro first set them loose on an unsuspecting public all those years ago - are now part of Scotland's genetic make-up. But despite the tales of the Master Mariner, Dougie the Mate, Macphail the Engineer, Sunny Jim and The Tar being in print for almost a century, never before have they received such remarkable treatment. This new edition brings a classic of Scottish literature together with one of the country's most respected artists. Undoubtedly his most captivating book to date, here Hamish Haswell-Smith's breathtaking water-colours create the evocative atmosphere of the West Coast of Scotland as it was in the time of Para Handy but without destroying each reader's unique mental image of Munro's unforgettable characters. Perfect for Para Handy fans everywhere, as well as all those entranced by the work of Hamish Haswell-Smith.

The Maggie [1953] An often overlooked Ealing treasure, this gentle comedy is filmed around the Crinan canal on Scotland's West coast, Glasgow and on the island of Islay, centred around the crew of a little Clyde puffer called "The Maggie". Not available on DVD. Scottish Comedy VHS Video.

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