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Perthshire Break

The diversity of the Perthshire countryside was not lost on some of Scotland's most famous golf architects. James Braid, five times Open Champion, was involved in the creation of many of Perthshire's golf courses. Gleneagles Kings and Queens courses, Crieff Ferntower, Taymouth Castle, Alyth and Blairgowrie Rosemount are all Braid designs. In all these courses he matched aesthetics with challenge. His designs are just as much a challenge to today's players as they were to earlier enthusiasts of the game.

Golf in Perthshire did not really begin to take off until the Victorian interest in the game. Many Perthshire courses are now either coming up to, or have recently celebrated, their centenary, which makes them still relatively young in Scottish golfing terms. However the Royal Perth Golfing Society does hold the oldest royal charter in Britain, granted by William IV in 1833, a year before the R&A's. Records also show that golf was played in the North Insch of Perthshire in 1599 and quite probably long before that.

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