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A Few Place-Names and their Meaning

Aberuthven (Au.) Brit./Pict. aber - mouth or confluence & Brit./Pict. rhudd faen - red rock. Ruthven Water, 'red rock water', joins the R. Earn here.

Amulree (Cr.) G. Ath Maolruibhe - Ford of Maolrubha, one of St Columba's monks around 650AD

Artney, Glen (L.E.) G. airtein - pebble, 'Glen of the Pebbles'

Auchelchanzie (Cr.) Brit. uchil - height & Chanice - Kenneth, 'Height of King Kenneth', see Local History

Auchterarder G. uachdar ard dodhar - 'upland of the high stream'.

Auchtertyre (Cr.) G. uachdar tire - 'upper section of the land', sometimes as Ochtertyre

Balloch (Cr.) G. bealach - 'a gap, a pass'

Chonzie, Ben G. beinn - mountain & Choinneach - Kenneth, 'King Kenneth's Mountain'

Comrie G. comar - 'confluence'.

Crieff G. craobh - 'among trees'.

Culcrieff G. cul - back of, 'back of the trees'

Cultoquhey (Cr.) G. coillte a' Che - 'woods of Ce', Ce was one of the seven sons from whom the Pictish race was said to descend.

Dollerie (Cr.) G. doilleir - 'at the dark (place)'

Drummond (Cr.) G. dromainn - 'ridge', Strathearn family name, Drummond Castle. The family probably took their name from Drymen in Stirlingshire.

Dundurn (L.E.) G. dun - hill & duirn - fist, 'hill of the fist'

Dunning G. dunan - 'little fort'

Earn In any area river place names are the oldest often outdating any known language. Earn is pre-Celtic. Possibly the name of an ancient godessess. Could have same root as Eireann - Ireland.

Fillan's, St. Abbot on Holy Loch. Died 777.

Fowlis Wester (Cr.) G. folais - 'small stream'

Gask (Dunning) G. gasc - 'nook or hollow'.

Gilmerton (Cr.) G. gille - servant & Mhaire - Mary, 'servants of Mary's town'

Gleneagles G. gleann n' eaglaise - 'glen of the church'.

Greenloaning (Au.) Sc. loaning - lane, 'green lane'

Highlandman's Loan (Cr.) Sc. loan - 'Highlandman's lane', on the road the Highlanders took south.

Hosh (Cr.) G. cois - 'the foot', at the foot of Glen Turret.

Innerpeffray (Cr.) Peffer is an ancient word associated with rivers(see Earn). G. inbhir - confluence.

Kinkell Bridge (Au.) G. ceann - promontory or seat & G. ceall - church.

Madderty (Cr.) G. meadair - wooden bowl, 'wooden bowl of Ethernan', a saint to whom a church was dedicated. Died among the Picts in 669.

Monzie (Cr.) G. moine - moor & iodh - corn, 'moor of the corn', upland arable farmland.

Muthill Old Sc. mot - meeting, 'meeting hill' OR G.
maothail - 'soft ground'.

Pitkellony (Mu.) Pict. pit - farm, possible because to newcomers these were the sites of Pictish farms. G. Coilinne - plenty, 'Good Pict farm'

Strathearn 'Valley of the River Earn', see Earn.

Strowan (Co.) G. sruthan - 'small stream'

Tippertreoch (Cr.) G. tiobar - well & G. treabhach - ploughman, 'the ploughman's well'

Tullibardine (Au.) G. tulach - hill & G. bardainn - warning, 'look out hill'.

Vorlich,Ben Uncertain, possibly G. mhuirlaich - kingfisher, 'Ben of the kingfisher', possible ancient and unknown.

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