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Perthshire Shepherd

A shepherd in the “rough bounds” of Highland Perthshire, scrambling over the rocks on the side of a high mountain,
fell and broke his leg. No one knew that he was in that part of the hill, and the place was so lonely, that he had no hope of ever seeing a human face again.

It was in vain to call for help, where there was none to hear. He tried to persuade his dog to go home and alarm
his wife and children; but the poor animal, who saw his distress, without thoroughly comprehending its meaning,
only went a few yards from him, sat down on the rock, looked at him, looked homeward, and howled.

As the day advanced, love of life, and the thought of his wife and children, roused him to exertion. With his broad tape garters, and stripes of his plaid, he lashed the
broken limb on his fowling-piece, and leaning on the butt end as a crutch, made his way down the precipitous
side of the mountain, crossed the river, reached the cottage (two miles farther), recovered, and was as well as ever.


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