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Skye provides wonderful photographic opportunities, for both the professional and amateur photographer. Take along a good photo handbook to ensure great results from your visit to The Isle of Skye.

The Backpackers Photography HandbookThe Backpacker's Photography Handbook: How to Take Great Wilderness Pictures While Hiking, Climbing and Skiing A handbook on taking wilderness photographs whilst hiking, which combines photographic techniques with lessons in outdoor survival. Includes guidance on photographing natural phenomena such as sunsets, reflections, autumn colours and so on. Photograph Skye.

Better Landscape Photographs100 Ways To Take Better Landscape Photographs 100 Ways to Take Better Landscape Photographs is an easy reference guide to landscape photography. Packed with practical advice and stunning photos this book will help and inspire photographers of all levels. This is a simple and comprehensive troubleshooting guide to landscape photography. The book is divided into themed sections and features simple explanations of techniques, which will help both beginners and more advanced photographers get the results they want. The thematic sections cover all areas of landscape photography, including coastal, panoramic and seasonal, as well as lighting effects, composition and exposure. Photograph Skye.

Light in the LandscapeLight in the Landscape Peter Watson, one of Britain's most talented landscape photographers, has produced here a collection of breathtaking beauty. The unique character of the British landscape is celebrated in over 100 exquisite images which capture the true essence of Britain's countryside, towns and villages. "Light in the Landscape" addresses the creative art of photography, using light to maximise the beauty of nature throughout the year and in every weather. It reveals the techniques used by leading photographers to remove the mystery that shrouds the creation of distinctive photographs. There is always more to a photograph than meets the eye; Peter Watson's inspirational commentary reveals the preparation and thinking that lies behind every picture. Every photograph is fully captioned, giving details of the film, lens, aperture, shutter speed and filters used.

Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography Professional and amateur photographers alike will find an array of strategies in this guide that demonstrates how to use classic visual design principles to create strong, compelling, nature photos. Veteran photographer and naturalist Brenda Tharp presents a full-colour guide that incorporates classic design principles with a deeper understanding of the natural world and its moments. While many photographers may be experts with the technical aspects of photography, they must also know how to incorporate visual design, strong composition, mood, and bold use of colour in order to take their work to the next level. Learning to capture the moment in nature, which, as all photographers know, is an unpredictable subject at best, is the primary focus of this reference. Readers will find not only dozens of specific techniques for effective outdoor photography, but also practical advice for creating photographs that are emotionally compelling and, in turn, an artistic success. Individual chapters are devoted to such topics as "Light - The Raw Material", "The Elements of Visual Design", "Using Color Effectively", and "Putting It All Together". Plus, clear and to-the-point exercises along with 200 full-colour reproductions aim to inspire readers to achieve more creative, more expressive and more personal photographs. Photograph Skye.

Mastering Your Digital SLRMastering Your Digital SLR: How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Camera Mastering your Digital SLR is the definitive guide for the sophisticated digital camera enthusiast who wants to make the leap from compact digital or film SLR to digital SLR (DSLR) for more advanced digital photography, or existing SLR owners who are ready for the next level of experimentation and expertise. This comprehensive bible of the digital SLR employs a practical, step-by-step approach, to enable the reader to achieve critical image quality and professional results. Weston answers the basic questions about how digital photography works and its advantages, then takes the reader through the digital workflow. He explains the intimate workings of the DSLR and illuminates every aspect of image capture and processing in a thorough, practical jargon-free manner, accompanied by inspirational illustrations. This is truly an indispensable guide for getting the best from your digital SLR camera.

Photograph BirdsThe Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Guide to Bird and Nature Photography Examining the range of cameras available, this book advises on the features and accessories which are most useful to both the snap-happy nature rambler or dedicated wildlife photographer. It explains the basics of using the equipment, more advanced and creative photographic techniques, and the field skills which are essential to putting all this knowledge effectively into practice. This includes knowing how to cope with adverse weather conditions, stalking or baiting your subject, remote control photography, and working from a vehicle. The author's own photographs illustrate the book throughout, including colour shots of wild flowers and butterflies, close-ups, atmospheric landscapes, creative abstracts, dramatic black-and-whites, rare mammals, trees, rivers, fungi, and birds seen at rest and in flight.

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