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High Light A Vision Of Wild Scotland

High Light A Vision Of Wild Scotland. Colin Prior's work is about landscape photography at its limits. Shooting at the magic hours of dusk and dawn, he catches those rare moments when composition, fine light and colour combine to create a remarkable image. Each photograph captures fleeting moments of nature which will never repeat themselves exactly. The images verge on obsession - Prior camped out on the remotest peaks in Scotland to obtain them. This stunning new collection documents the dynamic nature of the Highlands landscape and wildlife - and sounds a clarion call for a new, engaged naturalism. In a world where the environment is increasingly being damaged, Prior argues, we should regain touch with what's left of the natural landscape rather than rely solely on superimposed solutions. A key reason why the natural environment is now in peril is precisely because of failures to understand its dynamic, in-flux nature. The portfolio combines breathtaking new examples of Prior's trademark panoramas, which continually appeal to the tourist/travel market, with a range of new medium-format images that push the boundaries of digital photography, of huge interest to his dedicated technical following. High Light: A Vision of Wild Scotland.


Elements The Landscape of Scotland

Elements The Landscape of Scotland. This is a beautiful coffee table book, reflecting the unique landscapes that can be found across the whole of Scotland. In this 130-page compilation of striking black and white images, Craig McMaster captures the essence of Scotland's wild landscape and the timelessness of nature, these photographs will impress and inspire. Beautiful, crisp photographs that capture Scotland's multifarious terrain perfectly. Elements: The Landscape of Scotland.

Portrait of the Hebrides

Portrait of the Hebrides. There are few places left in the world which possess such a mystery and fascination as the seas around Scotland. For centuries people have sung of the Hebrides; the islands have been written about, fought over, dreamt of, longed for and even to this day are still the subject of quite intense curiosity. Forming a splintered arc of some 500 islands wrapped around mainland Scotland's north-west coast, the Hebrides make up an area of breathtaking beauty, a kaleidoscope of colour, light and mood with a character created not only by the ever-changing sea and sky but by the geology, climate and still visible signs of the islands' unique social history. Almost everywhere that much sought after `away from it all, edge of the world' atmosphere seems to prevail with each individual island having its own distinctive characteristics. This book, packed with superb, evocative images captures that certain, yet sometimes indefinable atmosphere that is unique within the region. Considerable emphasis has been placed on three contrasting islands - Skye, Eigg and Harris, each with their own chapters, but not neglecting several of the remaining islands. This, coupled with an initial chapter describing the mainland western seaboard puts the Hebrides into their true island context as quite literally a place apart, a place beyond. Portrait of the Hebrides: A Journey to Scotland's Western Seaboard and Beyond.

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