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RaasayRaasay Raasay forms part of the parish of Portree, Skye. This work is a history of Raasay and traces the island's story from the medieval period into the 20th century, showing that, far from being a carbon copy of Skye, Raasay has a history of its own, forged by its own unique attributes. Although there are traces of human habitation dating from the last Ice Age, it is not until the 16th century that written records are found. This examination of these documents challenges many long-held assumptions about the island's history, not least that the MacGilleCalum, or MacLeods of Raasay, were believed to have received Raasay from the MacLeods of Lewis, from whom they were directly descended.

I Remember: Memories of Raasay Raasay is one of the least-known jewels of the Hebrides. Sheltered by Skye to the west, this side of the island contrasts with the stark grandeur of the eastern cliffs and valleys which lie under the spectacular mountain Dun Caan. It is here that the cleared townships of Hallaig, Suishnish and Screapadal, made famous by the poet, Sorley Maclean, perhaps Raasay's most famous son, are to be found. First published in 1989, John Nicolson's volume of memoirs covers his early life on Raasay up to the point he left in 1941. It is the story of Raasay and its people in the inter-war years told through the eyes of someone who loved and knew both intimately. It provides a glimpse of a lost way of life, when Gaelic language and traditions had a much stronger hold and when crofting held a much more dominant position.

50 Best Routes on Skye and Raasay Skye's bristling mountains and soaring coastline offer an enormous selection of routes encompassing a wide variety of grades of difficulty. Ralph Storer has selected some of the best walks on the island in order to demonstrate fully the diversity of the "Misty Isle" for new visitors and seasoned campaigners alike. The walks offer different levels of difficulty, from gentle coastal strolls to challenging mountain ascents, all selected by an accomplished and respected walker, climber and writer. Maps and instructions are also provided.

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