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Bridge of Gaur

The Braes of Rannoch
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After the defeat of the Jacobites at Culloden (1746) the Redcoats had orders to give no quarter to the fleeing fugitives, and to march into country occupied by the rebel clans, burn their houses, destroy their crops and drive away their cattle. The Redcoats were stationed at The Barracks at Braes of Rannoch (now called Bridge of Gaur) Eventually, reprisals ceased and the warriors returned, but, without crops or cattle, there seemed no alternative open to them but thieving, and sheer hunger drove them to commit savage deeds. The soldiers were hard pressed to cope with this lawlessness for they aimed now to bring peace to the area. However, Dugal Buchanan, the evangelist (1753), showing great courage, moved fearlessly amongst these wild men. He preached at large open air meetings persuading them to give up their thieving and savage ways. He and his wife taught them new trades and crafts, and the soldiers introduced agricultural schemes, and even built a new village for the people. Between them they brought peace to Braes of Rannoch. The Redcoats are remembered because of the village which they called Georgetown after their king. Buchanan is remembered because of the Monument erected in The Square at Kinloch Rannoch and the first Church built at the Braes as a result of his evangelism. The flagstones on the chance! floor in the church are from one of the early churches.

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