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Rebus's Scotland

Rebus's Scotland: A Personal Journey This evocative and stunningly produced book highlights the places that inspired the settings for the Inspector Rebus novels. It is the Scotland that the tourist never sees. Ian Rankin reveals the story of Rebus and how he came into being, who he is, and what his Scotland is like. It is also Rankin's Scotland, too, and where he comes from. Finally, it is a look at modern-day Scotland. Beautifully illustrated throughout, with pictures that reflect the text, this is the perfect gift for anyone interested in Scotland or in the novels of Ian Rankin.

Fleshmarket Close Fleshmarket Close is not one of the best of Rankin's John Rebus thrillers, but his second-best is still more than excellent. Middle age is catching up with Rebus, he currently has no desk as a none-too-subtle hint from his superiors that he should seek retirement, but he and his friend and protegee Siobhan, who is still not his lover, race around investigating a variety of seemingly unconnected cases. The sister of a dead rape victim is missing; stolen medical skeletons turn up embedded in a concrete floor; a Kurdish journalist is brutally killed; the son of a Glasgow ganglord has moved in to the Edinburgh vice scene.

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