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James IVJames IV: A Renaissance King James IV was one of Scotland's greatest Kings. His reign saw the full flowering of the Renaissance in Scotland - in architecture, in literature, and in art. For a brief period Scotland ranked among the great powers of Europe. This book details both James' reign and the richness and vibrancy of Scottish life and culture at that time. It fully acknowledges the importance of the Highlands in Scottish life. James was the last Gaelic-speaking monarch of Scotland.

The Rose and the Thistle: Essays This volume examines a period of profound change in Scottish cultural history, in which ideas of sovereignty, religion and national identity were all subject to change and redefinition. The eight essays focus on literature, festivities, documents and letters. Renaissance Scotland.

The Renaissance and the Celtic CountriesThe Renaissance and the Celtic Countries Written by leading scholars in the field, this revealing volume sheds new light on the Renaissance in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. The book covers a wide range of topics, including: Richard Stanihurst's innovative interpretation of Irish history of 1584; the debate between the "old" and the "new" in Welsh poetry; the epigrams of the versatile and well-connected Welsh writer of Latin verse, John Owen; the rendering in epic style of the Psalms by the consummate Latinist, George Buchanan; and the printing press and book trade in Renaissance and Reformation Scotland. These studies show that by the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the Celtic countries were an integral part of the wider European Renaissance, and demonstrate how Celtic writers, scholars and patrons contributed to the cultural developments of the period.

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