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Roby Roy Books

The Hunt for Rob Roy: The Man and the... and the Myths. Rob Roy (Robert MacGregor, 1671-1734) bears a name that is extraordinarily well known internationally through the heroic images created for him by tradition, by Sir Walter Scott and by Hollywood, yet no scholarly biography of him has ever been written. Instead the tendency has been to leave him to hero-worshippers endlessly repeating old tales. This is the first life of Rob to written by an experienced historian, based on a full range of sources. The picture that emerges is one of a remarkable life, but not a heroic one. The picture of a man deeply wronged and oppressed, forced into outlawry, has to be modified by the clear evidence that he was only outlawed after undertaking a careful plan to swindle his creditors. The staunch Jacobite is revealed as a man who supplied intelligence to the government against them. The supposed warrior leader never fought in a battle, the reputed great duellist avoided violence whenever possible and is only known to have fought one duel, which he lost. Yet in some ways Rob remains an attractive figure. That he survived, in spite of the odds against him, is a remarkable tribute to his tenacity of both body and spirit.

Outlaw of the Highlands: Rob Roy (People... from the Past.

Highland constable: The life and times... of Rob Roy MacGregor.

Tales of Rob Roy,Loch Lomond,Stirling... and the Trossachs.

The Highland rogue: The legends of Rob... Roy Macgregor

The Rob Roy Way

The Rob Roy Way: From Drymen to Pitlochry.This long-distance walk from Drymen to Pitlochry was developed by Rucksack Readers in partnership with walking enthusiasts. It runs for 79 miles (126 km) along some of Scotland's finest lochs and glens, using historic footpaths, a cycle route, forest tracks and some minor road. Many places are linked with Scotland's most famous outlaw, Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734).

Rob Roy DVD

Rob Roy [1995]. DVD. One of the most invigorating period adventures to hit the big screen in decades, this lavish, brilliantly directed film drew critical and audience raves when it was released in 1995. Inspired by historical fact and larger-than-life legend, the intelligently scripted story takes place in Scotland in 1713, when Highland farmer and clan leader Rob Roy MacGregor (Liam Neeson) is forced to borrow money from the duplicitous aristocrat Marquis of Montrose (John Hurt) to help his clan survive a harsh winter. When Montrose's vile henchman (Tim Roth) schemes to dishonour MacGregor and his wife (Jessica Lange) and take the money for himself, the rugged Highlander must take courageous action to preserve his integrity. What follows, along with some of the finest sword-fighting ever filmed, is a tale of courage and valour destined to become an enduring movie classic.

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