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Good King Roberts TestamentGood King Robert's Testament In 1306, Robert Bruce, the Scottish Earl of Carrick, rebelled against the rule of Edward I, King of England. In anger, Bruce murdered his rival to the Scottish Throne, and was later proclaimed King of Scots at Scone. Robert Bruce was a man of his times, often brutal and prepared to use violence; yet he was also humane. Passionate, he loved and was loved. Cunning and determined; he developed into a great war leader yet benign ruler. Under his tolerant guidance the Declaration of Arbroath was written. One of the greatest political documents of medieval Europe. This is an atmospheric account of Scotland's struggle to retain its independence from the English sword. It is also the story of the many men and women who were inspired by the ideals of freedom and of the English who opposed them.

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce. The quintessential patriot king and national hero, Robert the Bruce brought independence to Scotland. Caroline Bingham's biography unites the historic figure of popular mythology with the genuine man.

Robert the Bruce: A Scots Life (Scots... Scots Legends)

Robert the Bruce A Life

Robert the Bruce: A Life Chronicled. Outlines the life of Robert the Bruce, perhaps Scotland's greatest hero. Includes reference to many infamous stories and detailed accounts of events such as the Battle of Bannockburn.

A Traveller's Guide to the Scotland of... Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce's Rivals, the Comyns:... 1212-1314.

Robert Bruce Realm

Robert Bruce and the Community of the... Realm. The central theme of this study is the interplay and tension between Bruce and the concept of a Scottish nation, of which Bruce aspired to be leader. This edition takes account of the work and evidence in recent years

.On the Trail of Robert the Bruce (On the... Bruce.

From Bannockburn to Flodden

From Bannockburn to Flodden: Wallace,... Bruce & the Heroes of Medieval Scotland.

Wallace, Bruce and the Wars of... Independence, 1286-1328.

Traveller's Guide to the Scotland of... Robert the Bruce.

Tales of King Robert the Bruce

Tales of King Robert the Bruce.

Tales of Stirling Castle and the Battle... of Bannockburn.

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