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Roman Chester

Roman Chester

Chester AD 400-1066: From Roman Fortress to English Town The first general account of Chester from the late Roman period to the Norman Conquest for over 30 years. It contains much new material from both archaeological excavations and historical research as well as new theories about early Cheater and its surroundings. David Mason tells the story of Chester, one of the great military centres of Roman Britain, from its disappearance into the obscurity of the 'Dark Ages' down to its emergence as Legacaestir as an important military, commercial and religious settlement of Anglian Mercia and subsequently of Anglo-Scandinavian England. As Cestre the town was refortified in c 907, and the author describes the everyday life of its inhabitants in the century and a half leading up to the Norman Conquest.

There are but few places where so many Roman antiqui-ties have been found as at Chester.

Portrait of ChesterA Portrait of Chester Chester is one of Britain's most beautiful cities, voted the best to visit in England and currently attracting six million visitors annually. But while retaining its sense of historical identity, it is also emerging as a dynamic and modern centre, voted the tenth most profitable city in the same poll. It is perhaps best known for its city walls, which are the longest and most complete in the country, and its outstanding black and white half-timbered buildings and unique medieval Rows, which give the city some of the oldest shop frontages in the world. Rob Meighen's glowing portrait of Chester reflects both old and new in an affectionate study which will guarantee even more interest in this lovely city on the banks of the Dee.

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