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Elginhaugh a Roman Frontier Fort in Scotland

Roman Frontier Fort in Scotland Elginhaugh

Elginhaugh a Roman Frontier Fort in Scotland. Elginhaugh is the only completely excavated timber-built auxiliary fort in the Roman empire. The excavator Professor Bill Hanson tells two interrelated stories: the processes involved in the discovery, excavation and interpretation of the evidence, and the nature of military life on the furthest northern frontier of the empire in the first century AD. We learn how the site fits into the Roman conquest of Scotland: how the fort was built; the nature of the garrison, whether cavalry or infantry; what the annexes were for, whether for soldiers or civilians, the nature of daily life: and, finally but most importantly, the impact of the military presence on the environment and the local population, including taxation in kind after the garrison departed. A Roman Frontier Fort in Scotland: Elginhaugh.


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