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Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew of Scotland: Patron Saint of Scotland One of a set of 4 books on the national saints of the British Isles, published simultaneously with St Patrick of Ireland, St David of Wales and St George of England. Just who was St Andrew? When and where did he live? And how did he come to be Scotland's patron saint? And what is the link with the X-shaped cross or 'Saltire'? This useful little book covers all these topics providing background information that all patriotic youngsters will be interested to know. And in addition there is a special prayer for St Andrew's day - 30 November.

Saint Andrew for BeginnersSaint Andrew for Beginners For those who want to know more about St Andrew, this book tells his story. It shows Andrew among the Saints, offers a short history of the Celtic church, examines relics and ruins, and covers the Patron Saints of the UK. It includes project suggestions for class and individual participation. Saint Andrew.

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