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The Scottish House : eclectic and unique... interiors. Cawdor Castle? Traquair, Hopetoun and Drumlanrig? Yes, Ianthe Ruthven's book does explore half a dozen of Scotland's more famous castles and country houses, but mostly it's devoted to buildings which are strictly off the usual tourist trail. Some of these take the form of Edinburgh town houses and farmhouses and croft houses in Fife and the Highlands and Islands, but many architectural enthusiasts will doubtless be delighted to discover that most of the 176 pages of 'The Scottish House' are in fact devoted to architecturally significant homes to which the general public usually have no, or at best very limited, access. Scottish Architecture.

Scotland's Traditional HousesScotland's Traditional Houses: From... Cottage to Tower-house. This series provides a survey of the major aspects of Scotland's history and culture. Each of the colourful volumes explores a single theme, presenting information on a distinctive facet of the country's rich heritage whilst encouraging the reader to discover more. Buildng up a comprehensive picture of the facts which have made up Scottish life across the centuries, each text is accompanied by illustrations and a glossary. This volume takes a panoramic view of the range of houses which cover the land and lend it a unique Scottish identity. From the earliest stone-built houses surviving in Europe to the stone-built castellated towers of the 16th-century to the brick-built workers' cottages of the 19th and 20th centuries, it details the range of homes that not only recreate a vision of past lives but also colour the Scottish landscape of today. Scottish Architecture.

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