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Auld Lang Syne. Sung by Eddi Reader.

A Man's A Man. Sung by Paolo Nutini.

Ae Fond Kiss Sung By Eddi Reader.

Ae Fond Kiss Sung By Karen Matheson.

The Banks Of Doon. Sung by Eddi Reader.

Bonnie Jean. Sung by Karen Matheson.

Ca' The Yowes.
Sung by Andy M. Stewart of Silly Wizard.

Charlie Is My Darling. Sung by Eddi Reader.

Dainty Davie. Sung by Eddi Reader.

The Fisherman's Song.
Sung by Andy M. Stewart of Silly Wizard.

Green Grow The Rashes. Sung by Michael Marra.

Heart's In The Highlands. sung by the Barra MacNeils.

Hùg Air A' Bhonaid Mhòir sung by Julie Fowlis.

John Anderson, My Jo. Sung by Eddi Reader.

 The Land Of The Leal Song.
Sung by Andy M. Stewart of Silly Wizard.

Lassie Wi' the Lint White Locks. Sung by Karen Matheson.

Leezie Lindsay. Sung by Eddi Reader.

Mingulay Boat Song. Sung by the Corries.

Now Westlin Winds. Sung by Dick Gaughan.

Parcel Of Rogues. Sung by The Corries.

Rantin' Rovin' Robin.

Red, Red Rose By Andy M Stewart.

Red, Red Rose By Eddi Reader.

Red, Red Rose By Eva Cassidy.

Scots Wha Hae. Sung by The Corries.

Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad. Sung by Plainfield North High School Treble youth choir.

Will Ye Gang Love sung by Archie Fisher.

Ye Jacobites By Name. Sung by The McCalmans.

You're Welcome, Willie Stewart. Sung by Eddi Reader.

Scotland Music Videos


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