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The Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin,... , Meaning and History. A book on the origin, meaning and history of Scottish surnames. The core of this work is a listing of over 8000 names, each with a concise history and cross-references. It should serve as a tool for genealogists, historians, or anyone with a general interest in Scotland.

Scottish Highlanders A People and Their PlaceScottish Highlanders A People and Their Place Right across the world there are people who think of themselves as Scottish Highlanders, people who, though they may be separated from Scotland's hills and glens by many thousands of miles and several generations, still identify with this remote locality on the western edge of Europe. What is the truth behind the many myths surrounding the Highland past? Who were the Scottish Highlanders and where did they come from? What part did they play in Scotland's evolution as a nation state? How did Highlanders become one of the most widely-dispersed peoples on Earth? And why do the Scottish Highlands still matter so much to men and women who, quite frequently, have never ever seen the landscapes which feature so evocatively in so many of their songs of exile? This book begins in North America and ends in Uist and Lewis. It takes the reader to Iona, Morvern, Argyll, Islay, Perthshire, Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Skye, Lochaber, Inverness and Sutherland. It also take the reader to Donegal and Antrim. It introduces you to the people of the Scottish Highlands, to the sort of men and women, past and present, whose fierce attachment to their Gaelic language and their Celtic heritage ensured the survival of so much of what makes the Scottish Highlands special still. Scotland People.

People and Society in ScotlandPeople and Society in Scotland: 1914 to the Present Day Throughout this volume emphasis is placed on the identity and distinctiveness of Scotland in terms both of its institutions and the social values of the Scottish people.

A Century of the Scottish People, 1830-1950 A reprint of T.C. Smout's account of the Scottish people, from 1830-1950. A History of the Scottish People, 1560-1830.

Mull The Island and Its PeopleMull: The Island and Its People This is the story of a Scottish island as it has never been told before. While many books on the Hebrides are a litany of agricultural statistics and population movements, this is the story of the landlords, tacksmen, cottars and others who actually lived on or visited the island of Mull. It is based on research into a vast archive of rarely seen or previously unknown documents, particularly the original correspondence of the principal families, Macleans and Maclaines. In this book Jo Currie relates how the emigration that led to the disappearance of most of the island's native population during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries did not follow the pattern of clearance seen in other parts of the country. It was instead caused by the long deterioration in relationships between the gentry, the 'half gentry' and commoners and the inexorable forces of economic change during these centuries. This is the first serious history ever written of one of the most beautiful and most visited of Hebridean islands and is the product of fifteen years' research. It is lavishly illustrated with a wealth of previously unpublished pictures. The result is one of the most important books on Hebridean history yet written, told throughout with humour and characterisation.

Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors: The... Official Guide
Scottish Record Office, National Archives Of Scotland. This guide provides an authoritative survey of the vast range of material held in the Scottish Record Office, records of Scottish national and local government, Scottish churches, law courts and private families and businesses. Written in an accessible style from the unique perspective of a custodian of the records, it not only explains step by step how to research records of births, marriages and wills, but also directs the reader to a variety of other, less well-known sources containing valuable genealogical information. Fully revised and updated, and containing a new chapter on the General Register Office for Scotland, this is the essential reference tool for anyone tracing Scottish ancestors.

Paisley People and Places Paisley, Scotland's largest town, has a rich and colourful history. A powerhouse of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it was home to some of Scotland's great industries, particularly weaving and textiles. The renowned Paisley pattern has spread the town's name around the globe. This new book explores Paisley's mighty industrial history but also looks at its people at work and play, and explores the town's great buildings and significant events over more than a century of change. Scotland People.

Discover Your Scottish Ancestry:...Internet and Traditional Resources.

Who Do You Think You Are? this book is a jargon-free idiot's guide to tracing your family history. Light in tone, sometimes funny, often moving, and aimed at absolutely everyone, the book combines both stats and pub facts, with very real emotions as people discover the heroes and villains in their family's past. Rather than a dry 'how to' guide though, this book is inclusive, non-patronising and lively, and emphasises the human and emotional side to this popular pastime. Each of us are a part of history. And each of us has a story that in microcosm creates the epic ebbs and flows of British history. Like the TV series, the book will enthuse and inspire the reader to join in the process that enables us to say as individuals who we think we are, and as a nation, what makes our country what it is. This basic essential information is brought to life by pull-out boxes on our favourite celebrities as they trace their family trees back over the last couple of hundred years - such as Meera Syal's story: 'From Dudley to Delhi'. Within the text are pull-out 'Did you know?' facts on everything from the pasts of well-known celebrities to our make-up as a nation.

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