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To enjoy Scotland to the full, it is best to be prepared for large daily changes in temperature, and for rain, though it rains far less in Scotland than you might imagine. Scotland's climate is highly unpredictable. Weather patterns shift all the time, and the climate can differ widely in places only a short distance apart.

If travelling to Scotland by air, it is best to pack items such as scissors, nail-clippers, and any other objects which maybe construed as having the potential to be a weapon, in your suitcase !!!

Always  pack a mixture of warm-weather and cooll-weather clothes. A raincoat or parka with a hood is far better than carrying an umbrella. Good walking shoes, already broken-in, are essential. Gloves and a scarf will take up little room in your suitcase, and yet may make all the difference on a cool evening. To pack well for Scotland, you need to grasp the concept of " layering, " adding and removing layers of clothing as the climate changes throughout your trip.

It has been my experience that visitors to Scotland will often start each day wearing;  good shoes or sneakers, casual pants or jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater and a hooded jacket or coat. As the day warms up they will typically dispense with the jacket and sweater, or maybe add the gloves and the scarf if the weather takes a turn for the worst. The secret of packing for an enjoyable vacation is including the right kind of clothing which will keep you comfortable regardless of the weather.

Money and Documents
credit cards
ATM card
long distance calling card - your own phone provider may have cards valid from the UK to other countries.
travellers checks
airline tickets
drivers license
3x5 card of emergency numbers for back home
copies of prescriptions - with the actual medical name for the drugs
medical history list - blood type etc;
membership cards
business cards - to hand out in Scotland.

Basic Packing List
security wallet
toiletry kit
expandable nylon bag
small towel
travel alarm
clothing care (woolite, clothesline, clips)
notebook and pen
plastic bags
photos of family
manila envelopes
map of where you come from - to show the locals !

2 complete sets of all prescriptions
3x5 card with doctors name, medical history
non-prescription: tylenol, antacid, anti-diarrhea, laxative, antihistamine, decongestant, vitamins reading glasses
sunglasses with neckstrap

hair dryer - if you pack a hair dryer, you will need a power converter.
electric razor - if you pack an electric razor you will need a power converter.
your favourite shampoo and conditioner
facial cleanser
toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss
shaving supplies
hair supplies
small towel
moist towelettes

Camera and Stuff
maps of your destination country
flat plastic magnifier
travel diary
pens or pencils
camera with spare batteries and memory cards.
camera bag
dustbag to protect camera
pocket calculator
extra batteries
permanent marker

Women's Packing List - The Essentials
leggings or tights
light jacket
casual pants or jeans
dress - in case we attend the Theater etc;
warm sweater
long sleeve shirt
t shirts
warm raincoat or parka or windbreaker - with hood !
dress shoes
walking shoes - very important !

Men's Packing List - The Essentials
sleeping attire
dress shirt
jacket and pair of dress pants - in case we attend the Theater etc;
casual pants/jeans
t shirts
long-sleeved shirts
light jacket
warm sweater
warm raincoat or parka or windbreaker
walking shoes - very important
dress shoes

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