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Castles and Tower Houses of the Scottish ClansCastles and Tower Houses of the Scottish Clans 1450-1650 (Fortress S.) Scottish castles and Tower Houses evolved as fortified dwellings that were erected in an environment of weak royal authority and feuding between rival clans. They demonstrated a strong and highly successful design that formed the core of many larger structures. Many of them continued to be inhabited long after the threat of unwanted visitors had diminished and remain excellently preserved for visitors and historians. This book examines these castles and Tower Houses, focusing on their distinctive style that flourished in Scotland in the 16th and 17th centuries. Scotland's Castles.

Ancestral Castles of Scotland Scotland's past has been a violent one. From the first raids by the Norwegians in 800, the Scots seem to have been fighting. Throughout this time the castle has been a symbol of its owner's power and control. Scotland's Castles.

Scottish Castles

Scottish Castles Through History... History.Introduces Scottish castles in history, from the earliest Celtic hill-forts, brochs and crannogs to the great might of the stone castles at Stirling and Edinburgh. The importance of each type of castle is explained and castle life, defences and their role in Scottish history also feature.

Scotland's Castles. The authoritative and engaging story of Scotland's Castles from the 12th to the 16th centuries, from mighty castles royal to tall storeys and poky dwellings. Despite their grand associations, Scottish castles were central to the lives of many Scots, of all social stations; castles were their work place, their place of worship, their army barracks, their law court, their prison, their hotel, their place of entertainment and even their place of execution. For that reason, author Chris Tabraham enthusiastically covers the rich history of these buildings, covering as much as anything the human aspect of the Scottish castle. In this new edition, fully revised and updated with the latest field surveys, archaeological excavations and tree-ring dating, the book covers: the physical nature of castles and their changing styles; the people who lived, worked, prayed and died in Scotland's castles; the military role of castles Hugely readable and richly illustrated, this book is for all those interested in Scotland's history.

Country Series: Castles of England, Scotland & Wales.

The Castles of Western and Northern... Scotland.

Castle Touring Guides: The Heart and... West of Fife.

Tales of Stirling Castle and the Battle... of Bannockburn.

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