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Paintings by Jack Vettriano
Lovers and Other Strangers: Paintings by... Jack Vettriano

Fallen Angels
Jack Vettriano

The Landscape Of Scotland
Elements: The Landscape of Scotland

Little Sparta
Little Sparta: The Garden of Ian... Hamilton Finlay.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Colin Baxter... )

Joan Eardley
Joan Eardley, R.S.A.

The Glasgow Boys
The Glasgow Boys: The Glasgow School of...

Painting the Nation
Painting the Nation: Identity and...

Elizabeth Blackadder
Elizabeth Blackadder

Scottish Art
Scottish Art,

John Houston
John Houston

Men of the Clyde
Men of the Clyde: Stanley Spencer's...

Winifred Nicholson in Scotland

Scottish Art
Scottish Art
(World of Art S.)

Portrait Miniatures from the National...


Scottish Art Books

The Golfers

The Golfers. The painting The Golfers by the Scottish artist Charles Lees is one of the greatest icons of the game of golf. It was painted in the 1840s when the game of golf was still predominantly Scottish and all but two of the twenty-three active British golf clubs were in Scotland. This book examines in detail the historical background to the painting and places it in context with other great sporting pictures of the time.

The Scottish Colourists: 1900-1930 F.C.B. Cadell, J.D. Ferguson, G.L. Hunter and S.J. Peploe are now amongst the most admired of early twentieth century British artists. Their direct contact with French Post-Impressionism and early knowledge of the work of Matisse and the Fauves, encouraged them to produce paintings which are considered some of the most progressive in British art of the early twentieth century. During their lifetime the Colourists developed an international reputation, exhibiting in Paris, London and New York as well as Scotland. Since their deaths they have often been overlooked in histories of British art, but in the last twenty years there has been a dramatic revival of interest in their work. Featuring essays describing the artists' lives and their involvement with the avant garde in Paris in the early years of the twentieth century, this book is richly illustrated with over 100 of the Colourists' most stylish and inventive paintings.

The Dictionary of Scottish Painters

The Dictionary of Scottish Painters:.... This work contains alphabetically arranged entries on some 2000 painters, both major and minor figures, who have worked in Scotland since 1600. Each artist is placed in an art historical context and given full biographical details. There is also a series of generic entries covering artistic institutions and groupings ranging from the National Galleries of Scotland and the Trustees' Academy to the "Glasgow Boys" and the "Colourists". This edition, containing illustrations up to and including the most recent Scottish artists - Watt, Bellany, Conroy and Vettriano - is a useful reference work for collectors, dealers, galleries and museums, as well as anyone with an interest in Scottish painting. Scottish Art Books.

Renaissance Decorative Painting in... Scotland. A unique study of Scottish decorative painting of the 16th and 17th centuries, of which over 100 examples survive or are recorded. These decorative schemes occur in a wide range of buildings from modest houses to royal palaces, and this illustrated book looks at their meaning and significance in a Scottish context. The subject matter depicted is wide, biblical, classical and grotesque, with many schemes adapted from continental print sources and pattern books, using decorative styles which became fashionable throughout Europe at this time. Containing new research and documentation compiled over 10 years, this study not only looks at the different types of painting, but is also a fascinating record of the taste and ideas of Reformation Scotland. Scottish Art Books.

Once Upon Our Time

Once Upon Our Time: Portrait Miniatures... by Moyna Flannigan. Considered to be one of Scotland's leading figurative painters, Moyna Flannigan is known for her wry and penetrating observations on society. Her portrait miniatures, a new departure for Flannigan, reflect the styles, manners and culture of contemporary Scotland. In this book Keith Hartley examines Flannigan's paintings and discusses the artistic and social influences on her work. The illustrations are accompanied by a number of fictional cameos by award-winning Scottish writer Dilys Rose, which set up an imaginative dialogue with the miniatures.

Art Treasures of Kelvingrove Art Treasures of Kelvingrove showcases such outstanding works as Bellini's The Madonna and Child, Filippino Lippi's The Madonna and Child with the Infant St John, Rembrandt's A Man in Armour, JMW Turner's Modern Italy - the Pifferari, Botticelli's The Annunciation, Carlo Dolci's Salome with the Head of John the Baptist. It includes works by Whistler, Pissarro, Rubens, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Matisse; works by Scottish Artists: Allan Ramsay, Horatio McCulloch, Francis Cadell; and Decorative Arts by Christopher Dresser, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Frances Macdonald and many more. Scottish Art Books.

Winifred Nicholson in Scotland Throughout her long and varied career in painting, Winifred Nicholson (1893-1981) was concerned with light, colour and radiance. Best known for her sensitive and joyful flower paintings, she married Ben Nicholson in 1920 and their mutually influential artistic relationship lasted, despite separation, until Winifred's death. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, she made regular working trips to Scotland, often accompanied by the poet Kathleen Raine. Frequently staying on the islands of Eigg and Canna and in Sandaig on the mainland, Winifred felt a deep affinity with the Scottish landscape and marvelled at the quality of light and the effects created by the ever-changing weather conditions. Her last painting expedition was to Eigg in 1980. This book is based on personal correspondence and the recollections of relatives, friends and painting companions. It examines Winifred Nicholson's love for Scotland and illustrates her Scottish paintings.

John Lowrie Morrison The Colour of Life

John Lowrie Morrison: The Colour of Life. Jolomo is best loved for his vivid depictions of the Scottish landscape, this book also features new works, including cover illustration ‘the Ram in the Thicket’. Previously unseen retrospective material completes this collection from one of Scotland’s most acclaimed artists. Scottish Art Books.

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