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Scottish Bestsellers

Preferred LiesPreferred Lies: A Journey to the Heart of Scottish Golf This book is a gift for anyone who has links to Scotland, golf, or awareness of their own mortality. It is a serious book about coming back to life through coming back to golf. Or vice versa. It is a joyful, heartfelt book of connections and reconnections with the body, the land, the language and life itself. It is the tribute of a grown son to a long dead father who guides him back to health through their shared passion: Scottish golf.

Voices In The StreetVoices in the Street: Growing Up in Dundee This book presents a nostalgic account of life growing up in wartime Scotland. Born in Dundee in 1938, Maureen Reynolds grew up in wartime Scotland, a young girl surrounded by adult concerns - the endless queuing for rations that never seemed to stretch quite far enough, the blackouts and air raids - and as she came of age, a whole generation seemed to suddenly do the same, with the rise of the Teddy Boy and rock and roll. A memoir written with the grace and lucidity of a novel, "Voices in the Street" chronicles a life of typical proportions with all the heartache and hope that entails, and reminds us that the most commonplace stories, properly told, can give a greater insight into a time and place than any of the more exceptional. With great candour and earnestness, Maureen Reynolds' reminiscences of growing up with her wise, kind Grandad, of lumpy porridge, of tramcars and of broth night, of finding her love and then seeing him borrowed for the sake of National Service, will strike a chord with all those who see their own memories reflected there, and for everyone else "Voices in the Street" provides an intricate, caring portrait of a life and of a generation.

Calums RoadCalum's Road This is the story of a statement made from the depths of one man’s heart in the most practical and indisputable of ways against the unnecessary destruction of his homeland. Calum MacLeod had lived on the northern point of Raasay since his birth in 1911. He tended the Rona lighthouse at the very tip of his little archipelago, until semi-automation in 1967 reduced his responsibilities. ‘So what he decided to do,’ says his last neighbour, Donald MacLeod, ‘was to build a road out of Arnish in his months off. With a road he hoped new generations of people would return to Arnish and all the north end of Raasay..

St Kilda Island on the Edge of the WorldSt Kilda: Island on the Edge of the World St Kilda, Island on the Edge of the World. For more than 2000 years the people of St Kilda remained remote from the world. Its society was viable, even Utopian; but in the nineteenth century the island was discovered by missionaries, do-gooders and tourists, who brought money, disease and despotism. St Kildan culture gradually disintegrated and in 1930 the few remaining islanders asked to be evacuated.

DriftnetDriftnet A Driftnet catches everything. A teenager is found strangled and mutilated in a Glasgow flat. Leaving her warm bed and lover in the middle of the night to take forensic samples from the body, Rhona MacLeod soon recognises the likeness between herself and the dead boy and is horrified to think that he might be the son she gave up for adoption seventeen years before. Amidst the turmoil of her own love life and consumed by guilt from her past, Rhona sets out to find both the boy's killer and her own son. But the powerful men who use the Internet to trawl for vulnerable boys have nothing to lose and everything to gain by Rhona MacLeod's death. Scottish Bestseller.

On The Crofters TrailOn the Crofter's Trail In the Clearances of the 19th century, crofts, once the mainstay of Highland life in Scotland, were swept away as the land was put over to sheep grazing. Many of the people of the Highlands and islands of Scotland were forced from their homes by landowners in the Clearances. Some fled to Nova Scotia and beyond. David Craig sets out to discover how many of their stories survive in the memories of their descendants. He travels through 21 islands in Scotland and Canada, many thousands of miles of moor and glen, and presents the words of men and women of both countries as they recount the suffering of their forbears.

Blue Shoes and HappinessBlue Shoes and Happiness (No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency S.) Blue Shoes and Happiness brings more adventures for Precious Ramotswe and her fine assistant Mma Makutsi, including an encounter with a cobra, a sinister blackmail plot and a rather tight-fitting pair of blue shoes, as well as plenty more bush tea and Botswana skies.

Forever FrancieForever Francie: My Life with Jack Milroy A funny, touching memoir of Jack Milroy, one of Scotland's best-loved showbiz legends, by Mary Lee, his partner for 50 years When Mary Lee first met Jack Milroy, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. She was the star and he was the new boy in town. At the end of their first performance together, they took a bow to thunderous applause and Mary told him, 'Don't get too excited, the applause is for me!' But, from this slightly difficult start, romance soon blossomed and they went on to became one of Scotland's most famous showbiz couples. Scottish Bestseller.

My Father and Other Working Class Football HeroesMy Father and Other Working Class Football Heroes Stewart Imlach was an ordinary neighbourhood soccer star of his time. A brilliant winger who thrilled the crowd on Saturdays, then worked alongside them in the off-season; who represented Scotland in the 1958 World Cup and never received a cap for his efforts.

The Black WatchBlack Watch: The Inside Story of the Oldest Highland Regiment in the British Army The Black Watch is one of the finest fighting forces in the world and has been engaged in virtually every worldwide conflict for the last three centuries. Named after the dark tartan of the soldiers' kilts, its unique formation - raised from loyal Scottish clans in the wake of the 1715 Jacobite rebellion - make it the oldest Highland regiment.

The Endless TideThe Endless Tide Meeting a vast cast of characters, Thomson ranges from personal anecdotes of impromptu ceilidh's, to more political and scientific issues, looking at agricultural politics and ecological debates. North Scotland's brutal Viking origins and the mysterious Pagan practices of its past are explored, yet "The Endless Tide's" reach extends far beyond this country, touching on world events since pre-Biblical times.

A Sense of Belonging to Scotland Ewan McGregor says, The photographs in this book will inspire the beautiful melancholia experienced by Scots away from home all over the world. Sir Cameron Mackintosh says, A ravishing book, with some of the most beautiful shots of Scotland I have ever seen. Scottish Bestseller.

Fleshmarket Close Fleshmarket Close is not one of the best of Rankin's John Rebus thrillers, but his second-best is still more than excellent. Middle age is catching up with Rebus, he currently has no desk as a none-too-subtle hint from his superiors that he should seek retirement, but he and his friend and protegee Siobhan, who is still not his lover, race around investigating a variety of seemingly unconnected cases.

The Scottish Gardener. Gardens can have many different functions: some exist to provide food or medicines, some for pleasure and recreation, while others serve to proclaim their owners' status, wealth and taste. People garden for a variety of reasons, and The Scottish Gardener looks at herbalists, plant collectors, nurserymen, botanists, artists and gardener's gardens. It explores monastic gardens, royal gardens, walled gardens and town and village gardens historically up to the present day. Scottish Bestseller.

Ghosting: A Double Life Ghosting moves from a vivid evocation of an austere upbringing in Fife to superbly rendered portraits of the people with whom Jennie Erdal worked at a London-based publishing house.

A Gift from the Gallowgate Doris Davidson recounts her growing up in Aberdeen in the '20s and '30's, the war years, her marriage and the unexpected paths her career has followed. With her novelist's skill, she brings into vivid focus a life of rich experience in a book every bit as riveting as her works of fiction. Scottish Bestseller.

A Picture of Britain A Picture of Britain is a celebration of the British landscape and the art that it has inspired, from Constable to Lowry, from Turner to Nash.

In the Company of Cheerful LadiesIn the Company of Cheerful Ladies Precious Ramotswe, that cheerful Botswanan private investigator of 'traditional build', is now married to Mr J.L.B. Matekoni of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors. The Agency is busy, but Mma Ramotswe cannot ignore the plea which is made by a woman who comes to her with a tale of particular misfortune. Unfortunately, her attempts to help are interrupted by a close encounter between her tiny white van and a bicycle, and by a spectacular disagreement between her assistant, Mma Makutsi, and one of the apprentices at the garage. This apprentice has found a fancy girlfriend who drives a Mercedes-Benz. How can he be rescued from his folly? And as for Mma Makutsi, she has found a dancing class, and a man who may not be able to dance very well, but who admires her greatly. And all of this happens against a background of quiet sessions of bush tea, and of a land that stretches out forever under mile upon mile of empty sky.

Life and LimbLife and Limb Scottish Mountaineer; Jamie Andrew's survival and rescue after five nights trapped by a ferocious storm in 1999 has passed into Alpine legend. It was a miracle that he survived; but Jamie had to come to terms not only with the death of his close friend, Jamie Fisher, who died beside him, but also with the loss of all his limbs to frostbite. Since the accident, Jamie has struggled painfully and successfully to overcome his disabilities; not only has he learnt to walk, and run, on his prosthetic legs, but also to ski, snowboard, paraglide, and even take up his beloved mountaineering again. Scottish Bestseller.

The Wreckers: A Story of Killing Seas,... From the bestselling author of The Lightouse Stevensons, a gripping history of the drama and danger of wrecking since the eighteenth century, and the often grisly ingenuity of Scottish and British wreckers, scavengers of the sea. A fine wreck has always represented sport, pleasure, treasure, and in many cases, the difference between living well and just getting by.

Flying ScotsmanFlying Scotsman: The Graeme Obree Story On the way to breaking the World hour record, he created major controversy in the professional cycling world over his unique riding style and his pioneering construction techniques. He famously had to use washing machine parts to complete the building of his 'Old Faithful' machine. Graeme's story starts with his tough upbringing in the Ayrshire valleys, where he found his escape by taking to the roads. From there he tells an inspiring story of what it takes to become a world record breaker, of his thrilling head-to-head duels with Chris Boardman and how he became a major international star on the European circuit. The story ends with Graeme's searingly honest account of his battle against depression which drove him to attempt suicide. This will be one of the most talked about sporting books of the year.

Stay of Execution As international terrorism stalks the City of Edinburgh, DCC Bob Skinner confronts his darkest demons. Scottish Bestseller.

Be My Enemy Jack Parlabane's one-liners are as spot-on as ever, and the juggling of violence and black humour is as precisely judged as we expect from this writer.

44 Scotland Street Alexander McCall Smith tackles issues of trust and honesty, snobbery and hypocrisy, love and loss, but all with great lightness of touch. Clever, elegant and funny, this is a novel that provides huge entertainment but which is underpinned by the moral dilemmas of everyday life and the characters' struggles to resolve them. Best Scottish Books.

Before ScotlandBefore Scotland: The Story of Scotland... Before History. Before Scotland transforms prehistory into gripping narrative history, demonstrating that the history of the land that became Scotland is one of dramatic geological events and impressive human endeavour. Scottish Bestseller.

Night Song of the Last Tram: A Glasgow... Childhood. Douglas has real skill in conveying experience, his use of the Glasgow vernacular lends an extra poetry to the writing. A quite exceptional autobiography.

The Knife Man The vivid, often gruesome portrait of the 18th century pioneering surgeon and father of modern medicine, John Hunter. Scottish Bestseller.

Wizards and Bravehearts: A History of... the Scottish National Side. This title reveals the history of Scotland's national football team from 1872 to 2004.

Fleshmarket Close by Ian Rankin. Another surefire bestseller for Britain's No1 crime writer, Ian Rankin.

Watchman A riveting read by Ian Rankin that will have you turning page after page until there are none left.

A Year in a Scots KitchenA Year in a Scots Kitchen This cookbook follows a traditional year north of the Border, based on feasts and festivals commencing in October and November with dishes such as Cock-a-Leekie, Clapshot and Stovies. The author is the food correspondent of "The Herald" and winner of the Glenfiddich Food Writer of the Year (1989 and 1995). The year's worth of recipes includes: a Shetland Yule Breakfast; Atlantic Salmon; Aberdeen Rowies; Ayrshire Bacon; Tripe & Potatoes; Scotch Pies; and Forfar Bridies. The recipes are accompanied by colour illustrations by Fiona Taylor which were originally published in "The Herald".

The Scottish Islands. The acknowledged Rosetta Stone of island hopping. Scottish Bestseller.

The SteamieThe Steamie When it first opened in 1987, The Steamie took the theatrical world by storm. Set during the 1950s, the play takes place on Hogmanay in a Glasgow public wash house or 'Steamie'. As the washing is done, four women sing, laugh and cry their way through the last working day of that year, with a little help from the increasingly not so handy Andy. Portraying a way of life in the midst of change, The Steamie fast became a firm favourite with people of all ages up and down the land and, to this day, its popularity shows no signs of waning.

Mccrae's Battalion: The Story of the... 16th Royal Scots.

The Sunday Philosophy Club. Sets up Isabel Dalhousie as Edinburgh’s latest, and most engaging investigator.

In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (The... No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency) The Agency is busy, but Mma Ramotswe cannot ignore the plea which is made to her by a woman who comes to her with a tale of particular misfortune. Unfortunately, her attempts to help are interrupted by a close encounter between her tiny white van and a bicycle, and by a spectacular disagreement between her assistant, Mma Makutsi, and one of the apprentices at the garage. This apprentice has found a fancy girlfriend who drives a large silver Mercedes-Benz. How can he be rescued from his folly? And as for Mma Makutsi, she has found a dancing class, and a man who may not be able to dance very well but who admires her greatly. And all of this happens against a background of quiet sessions of bush tea, and of a land that stretches out forever under mile upon mile of empty sky.

Still Game With Series Three over and Series Four yet to come, here is an ideal way for fans of Still Game, BBC Scotland’s hugely successful TV comedy, to keep in touch with their favourite characters. In Still Game, Ford and Greg present the original scripts from six of their favourite episodes, illustrated in full colour with stills from the shows and with a specially written introduction to each episode in their own inimitable style. The characters of Jack, Victor, Winston, Isa and their pals have become firm favourites with TV viewers and now they can read the scripts and relive some classic episodes that led to them being established as Scotland’s best-known and funniest pensioners. Scottish Bestseller.

Plaids and Bandanas: From Scottish... Drover to Wild West Cowboy. From droving to driving, reivers to rustlers, heilan kye to long horns, "Plaids and Bandanas" explores the link between the two cattle cultures in music, song and dance, and folklore. The vast number of Scots who emigrated to North America has been well documented, whether through forcible eviction during the clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries, or voluntarily in the hope of a better life. With them they took their culture, their language, their music, and their skills. Cattle droving in Scotland was an established profession from the 16th century, and many such migrants took cowboy jobs in the American West. The medium of music paints a vivid picture of their social and personal lives and the exchange was not all one way. The music crossed and re-crossed the Atlantic creating strong links between the old culture and the new. Lonely men in strange surroundings found comfort in songs that reminded them of home. The author, himself a musician, researched the roots of the songs and the routes of the drovers, provding a text which highlights the links between the Wild West and the no-less-wild Highlands.

Who Wants to Be an Edinburgher? Do you think you know all there is to know about Edinburgh? Fed up of being called a 'know-it-all' by friends and family? Now's your chance to prove just how much you do know! Or maybe you want answers to all those niggling questions about Edinburgh's more peculiar aspects. Why, for instance, is the clock on the Balmoral Hotel always slightly fast? And who inspired Robert Louis Stevenson's famous novel, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Step into the hot seat for hours of fun with Who wants to be an Edinburgher? - What kind of dog was Greyfriar's Bobby? - Is there really nude skydiving at Ingliston Market? - What is so unusual about the Tron Kirk? These are just three of the 500 questions on subjects such as sport, history and entertainment. As you monkey around at Edinburgh Zoo, take a trip down Mary King's Close and relive memorable football matches, you'll soon learn all you ever wanted to know about Auld Reekie. Scottish Bestseller.

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