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Cassells Wild Flowers of Britain
Cassell's Wild Flowers of Britain and...

The Wild Flower Key
The Wild Flower Key: A Guide to Plant...

Early Scottish Gardeners
Early Scottish Gardeners and Their... Plants

The Findhorn Garden
The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a Vision...

Scottish Plants for Scottish Gardens
Scottish Plants for Scottish Gardens

Plants and People in Ancient Scotland

Scottish Wild Plants
Scottish Wild Plants: Their History,...

A Garden of Herbs
A Garden of Herbs: Traditional Uses of...

Plant Lore of Scotland
The Scots Herbal: Plant Lore of Scotland

A Pleasure in Scottish Trees
A Pleasure in Scottish Trees

Trees and Wildlife in the Scottish... Uplands

Listen to the Trees

Native Pinewoods of Scotland

Lomond Guide to Trees

Warriors and Guardians: Native Highland... Trees

Scots Roses of Hedgerows and Wild Gardens
Scots Roses of Hedgerows and Wild Gardens

The Scottish Heather
The Scottish Heather

The Gardens of the National Trust for Scotland
The Gardens of the National Trust for... Scotland

Scottish Woodland History
Scottish Woodland History: Essays and...

People and Woods in Scotland
People and Woods in Scotland: A History

Native Woodlands of Scotland, 1500-192

Scottish Flora

Collins Scottish Wild FlowersCollins Scottish Wild Flowers The bestselling guide to over 350 species of wild flowers to be found throughout Scotland. An ideal pocket guide to over 350 plant species found throughout Scotland. Each species is illustrated in full colour with a comprehensive description, plus the plant's English, Latin and Gaelic names. For ease of use, the plants are grouped together by the type of habitat in which they can be found, including Highlands, Lowlands and Coasts. A places to visit section details over 35 of the best sites for finding some of the most attractive and special species of wild flowers in Scotland.

Cassells Trees of Britain Cassell's Trees of Britain and Northern... Northern Europe. With every tree you could possibly wish to identify faithfully represented and catalogued, along with immaculate paintings of bark, leaves and fruit, Cassell's Trees of Britain and Northern Europe is not merely an excellent reference guide, but a beautiful coffee-table book and without doubt the new tree-spotter's bible.

Scottish Wild Flowers Scottish Wild Flowers Scotland contains an interesting and varied flora with many areas of the country such as the Highlands, the mountains and moors of Central Scotland, the Islands of the West and the long and varied coastline remaining relatively wild and unspoilt. Numerous nature reserves serve to protect not just the many rare plants but also those which, although once common, are now becoming scarcer. In an effort to capture the rich diversity of Scottish wild flowers, Mary McMurtric employs her considerable artistic skills to educate and inform but above all delight her readers with the aid of more than 350 individual watercoloured drawings. The book is not intended as a complete flora of Scottish wild flowers but is, nevertheless, exceedingly representative. It is set out for quick and easy identification, the recognition being made easier because of the use of the author's original paintings completed from live studies, rather than photographs. This use of individual painting allows the artist to emphasize important recognition features while minimising non-essential detail. To help the reader identify plants quickly and easily, they have been arranged, as far as possible, in groups according to colour - white, red/pink, yellow and blue/purple. There are always variations, however, and many flowers change colour as they age. The descriptions are placed opposite the illustrations and include the common name, the botanical name, the plant family, and the habit and time of flowering. Whenever possible, the plants of the same family are kept together within the particular colour section.

Discovering Scottish PlantsDiscovering Scottish Plants (Scottie... This book introduces the flowers and trees that grow in Scotland. Find out, season by season, how to identify common Scottish plants, their habitats, uses, folklore and history. Find out about Scottish plant collectors, intrepid explorers who had many exciting adventures plant hunting in the far-flung corners of the world. Many of the common plants growing in Scottish gardens today were introduced by them.

Early Scottish Gardens: A Writer's... Odyssey.

Flora Celtica Flora Celtica: Plants and People in... Scotland. Flora Celtica - Plants and People in Scotland documents the continuously evolving relationship between the Scots and their environment. Based on a mixture of detailed research and information provided by the public, this book explores the remarkable diversity of ways that native plants have been, and continue to be, used in Scotland.

Cassell's Wild Flowers of Britain and... The classic modern illustrated flora by a world-famous illustrator and a world-class horticulturalist.

The Wild Flowers of Britain and IrelandThe Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland:... Lavishly illustrated by renowned botanical artist Majorie Blamey, and packed with colour maps shaded to pinpoint particular areas of interest, this is the essential tool with which to locate and identify plants anywhere in the British Isles and Ireland. Uncovering all the wonderful variety of nature, from the False Salmonberry or the Slender Speedwell to the Purple Toadflax or Narrow-leaved Lungwort, plus details of sedges, rushes, horsetails and grasses that are generally omitted from shorter books, this is a must-have guide for flower and nature enthusiasts everywhere.

Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns of... Britain. This is a photographic guide to the wild grasses and ferns of Britain and Northern Europe.

The Royal Botanic Gardens4 Gardens in One: the Royal Botanic... This volume tells the story of Scotland's national Botanic Garden, from its founding in 1670 as a small Physic Garden in the shadow of Holyrood Palace to its status today as one of the world's greatest botanical institutions. In addition to providing a glimpse of the vital scientific research undertaken there, Deni Bown guides the reader season by season around each of the four gardens that comprise the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Over 300 colour illustrations depict the exotic gardens in the city itself; on the hillside at the Younger Botanic Garden Benmore in Argyll; the sub-tropical oasis at Logan Botanic Garden in Galloway; and the borders glen at Dawyck Botanic garden in Tweedale.

Plant Life of Edinburgh and the LothiansPlant Life of Edinburgh and the Lothians Based on a 20-year survey organized by the Botanical Society of Scotland, this is a full and authoritative flora of Edinburgh and the Lothians. In addition to a complete flora of vascular plants in the three Lothian vice-counties, the book includes: specialist chapters on topics ranging from fungi to ferns and from geology and climate to ethnobotany; a substantial bryophyte flora of Edinburgh and the Lothians; a discussion of land use changes and the ecological and phytogeographical indications from the survey; a description of the survey and details of the methods used in the compilation of the Flora; and 30 colour and black and white plates, nearly 400 distribution maps and other illustrations. The Lothians are rich in diversity, from the moist uplands of the south to the dry, flat lands of the north-east. Habitats range from seacoast to moorland, from river and loch to woodland and meadow. In addition to this variety, there is the impact of man as manifested by agriculture, urbanization, industry, and now climate change. This study presents an up-to-date account of this richness and should provide an essential basis for comparison with the flora and vegetation of the future.

Art Is The FlowerCharles Rennie Mackintosh: Art Is the... Flower. This volume concentrates on the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, influential Scottish architect, artist and designer, who painted flowers and plants prolifically throughout his career. It traces the development of his botanical studies from the early pencil sketchbook drawings, through the introduction of watercolour in the early 1900s, culminating in the Suffolk group of 1914 to 1915, and concluding with the studies from France of 1923 to 1927. The book also considers the work of contemporary symbolists, the evident influence of Japanese floral art, the European botanical tradition and early herbals. It also looks at the use of plant forms as decorative and formal sources for his design work in architecture, furniture, interiors, textiles and graphics, most notably his use of the rose as a design theme throughout his work.

Royal Horticultural Society Includes The Lindley Library , RHS Database, Chelsea Flower Show, RHS Finders.

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