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Scotland's Kings and Queens

Scotland's Kings and Queens: Royalty and... and Realm. This book looks at the monarchs who ruled Scotland from the earliest kings of Picts and Scots to James IV and the time of the union with England. It follows the expansion of their domain and the fluctuating relations with the monarchs to the south. It looks at the role of their families, the great dynasties - and of the church in the development of their reign and examines how government was achieved, and how much real power they exercised. A look at their cultural and recreational pursuits rounds off this picture of what it meant to be a monarch of the Scottish realm.

The Kings and Queens of Scotland

The Kings and Queens of Scotland Ranging from the 11th to the 17th centuries, this book aims to capture the personalities beneath the gowns of the kings and queens of Scotland, whilst at the same time recording the landmarks of each reign.

Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce. The quintessential patriot king and national hero, Robert the Bruce brought independence to Scotland. Caroline Bingham's biography unites the historic figure of popular mythology with the genuine man.

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