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Of all the places in the world, few can capture the hearts as my Scotland can. It is a timeless place, soft and green, yet wild and beautiful, where narrow roads meander along the banks of sparkling rivers - and sheep have the right of way. Quaint rows of cottages hug the seashore, or sit bunched shoulder to shoulder in village after historic village, and every churchyard, and castle, and palace has a story to tell of the folks whose spirits still haunt the ruined crofts and live in the misty moors of my Scotland.

"Well, that's the typical Scottish sales Pitch!"

I prefer to show my travelers the Real Scotland. A more Personal Scotland. A country not only of Castles and Crofts, Lochs and Mountains. But a country of real people with a distinct, and fascinating, Scottish Culture which Scots are more than willing to share with you.

"Words can't describe the places and sites and your wonderful tour through a "magic" land, we can not thank you enough for the way you treated us to a truly fulfilling adventure!"
(Your friends, Chuck and Susan Keith)

"My mind is still on tour even though I've dragged this body back to a desk, chair & piles of paper. A lot was expected of the trip- and even more was delivered. You did all you could to help us see as much of what Scotland is as we were able; and we loved it.Thanks a million".
(Jill Kramer)

"Let me say how much I enjoyed my stay in Scotland. I will cherish for the rest of my life and one to pass on to my grandchild(ren).Thanks for your proffesionalism and willingness to work with us. Your compassion & humor made the trip that much more enjoyable"
(Debbie Mason)

" I was just thinking of our fishing adventure on Loch Faskally and thought I would drop you a note to tell you that you gave us a wonderful tour. I would highly recommend your tour to anyone that wants to see the real Scotland. "
( Michael Alexander )

Two Countries

As a native Scot, raised in the East Neuk of Fife, you might expect me to say that my homeland is one of the most beautiful and finest countries in the world. But Scotland is really two countries - or more. There is the Stereotypical, Tartan and Kilt Scotland, most commonly seen by our more-than-welcome overseas visitors, and then there is, in addition, the Real Scotland of the ordinary and kindly Scottish people immersed in their day-to-day lives.

For the past ten years, I have specialized in guiding highly personalized Small-Group Tours to the Real Scotland. Each tour is different and unique. Each tour has its own itinerary, specifically designed to meet the needs of the group and its members.

It maybe a Hobby, orientated itinerary; or a Family or Clan Surname, orientated itinerary. Some tours concentrate on a particular part of Scotland. Other tours meander all over Scotland. Normally, each small group tour will have two or three " hub " bases from which all their Scottish interests can be satisfied. Quite often, group members have a family connection to Scotland, and I will, through dialogue with the group, design an itinerary to visit the most appropriate sites. It is vitally important though that Group Members visit Scotland in a flexible frame of mind as the daily itinerary may change depending on the weather conditions etc; Fixed-in-Stone itineraries do not allow the kind of freedom necessary to take advantage of the kind of cultural, sports and social opportunities that will often present themselves. Don't worry you'll still see everything you want to see !

When To Visit

Any time from April through October is a good time to visit Scotland. Spring and early summer are my particular favorites. Forests, fields and glens offer a wonderful array of colors during that time of year, while the long Northern days of sunshine let you get out and enjoy it. There is also no shortage of things to do as all the best visitor attractions are already open, and are far more relaxed away from the mid-summer crowds, whilst in the cities the Arts season is in full swing. But whenever you visit, you're always guaranteed a warm welcome in my Scotland. June through August is the best time to attend Highland Games.

Leave The Herd Behind

My small group tours of Scotland are paced for discovery and understanding - not just notching sites. I do not put 52 people on a huge coach with an endurance test for an itinerary. In fact, each group is limited to an absolute maximum of 18 people (unless by special request), with a typical small group being just 8 people.

I prefer to guide groups through Scotland in a relaxing manner, staying at two or three base locations from which we can visit sites of interest - and not have to move luggage every day. My small group members tend to be travelers rather than tourists, enjoying seeing behind the tourist façade, while visiting with "locals" and visiting many sites not normally seen by the regular tourist.

Many group members visit Scotland to trace their Scottish ancestry; others to golf or fish; most come to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery, historic buildings and gardens, and most of all, to meet and enjoy the people of Scotland.

My tours can be best described as being " couthy. " It's a Scottish word meaning " gentle."

I specialize in matching itineraries to the needs and desires of group members, thus I rarely have a standard itinerary. Being a " Fifer " from the Kingdom of Fife, I do enjoy showing folks around my native Kingdom. Dunkeld in Highland Perthshire is another of my favourite parts of Scotland. You're in the Highlands, and yet still close to many major sites of interests, with access to lots social and cultural activities. On the West Coast of Scotland, my favourite area is Wester Ross. The scenery is simply magnificent. But wherever you go in Scotland, you can be sure there will be plenty to see and do.

The following sites are often included in any itinerary.

The Kingdom Of Fife
St Andrews City, Castle, Cathedral & Old Course
Falkland Palace and Gardens
Dunfermline Abbey
The East Neuk Of Fife Fishing Villages
Lindores Abbey and Balmerino Abbey
Abernethy Pictish Tower

Highland Perthshire
Loch Rannoch and Loch Tummel
Kinross and Loch Leven
Pitlochry and Killiecrankie
Dunkeld Cathedral and Town
Perth and Branklyn Gardens
Aberfeldy and Crieff
Abernethy Pictish Tower
Castle Menzies
Balvaird Castle
Elcho Castle
Scone Palace

Highlands and Isles
Loch Ness
Culloden Battlefield
Loch Carron
Isle of Skye
Eilean Donan Castle
Spectacular Scenery in Wester Ross

Edinburgh Castle
The Royal Mile
Holyrood Palace

Group members will also have the opportunity to shop, play golf, visit locals pubs and simply go for walks and enjoy the local Scottish culture in each area we visit.
Let me know your reasons for wishing to visit Scotland - and see if my small-group tours can best fit your needs.

If you would like to visit Scotland on a highly personalized small group tour of my native homeland please e-mail me:

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