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Dunkeld Epitaph, Scotland

February 26th, 1728, died Marjory Scott, an inhabitant of Dunkeld, who had reached the age of 100. The following epitaph was composed for her by Alexander Penecuik, but never inscribed. It has been preserved, however, as a whimsical statement of historical facts comprehended within the life of an individual

Stop, passenger, until my life you read,
The living may get knowledge from the dead.
Five times five years I led a virgin life,
Five times five years I was a virtuous wife
Ten times five years I lived a widow chaste.
Now tired of this mortal life I rest.
Betwixt my cradle nod my grave have been
Six migbty kings of Scotland and a queen.
Fulll twice five years the Commonwealth I saw,
Ten times the subjects rise against the law
And, which is worse than any civil war,
A king arraigned before the subject’s bar.
Swarms of sectarians, hot with hellish rage,
Cut off his royal head upon the stage.
Twice did I see old Prelacy pulled down,
And twice the cloak did sink beneath the gown.
I saw the Stuart race thrust uut; nay, more,
I saw our country sold for English ore;
Our numerous nobles, who have famous been,
Sunk to the lowly number of sixteen;
Such desolation in my days have been,
I have an end of all perfection seen

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