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Highland Whisky

An excise officer being settled in a Highland district where illicit distillation was supposed to he carried on,
commenced the duties of his office with great keenness, and seemingly undefatigable perseverance.

One day, as he was ranging among the scraggy knowes
that skirted the sides of a deep, wild glen, an unexpected little curling cloud of smoke, which seemed to slip out as
if by accident from under the fringed bow of a large bush of heather, caught his eye, and, acting like magic on his
enraptured senses, directed him, with hurried steps, to the secret spot, where, pushing aside the heaths, and, plunging into the artful concealment, the reckless
gauger surprised poor Donald in the very midst of his pots, still and and all.

A momentary silence ensued, as if either party, from the suddenness of their meeting, had felt uncertain whether it became his individual part to act on the offensive or defensive, The pause, however, was short, when the sturdy man of “mountain dew“ seemed all at once to recollect himself and, stealing first a look at the door.
and then fixing a stern eye on the intruder, whispered:

“Nobody, I'm sure, saw you coming in, which means, I'm sure that nobody is expecting you to leave.“ As he spoke he began to add actions to his words.

It was enougb said, as the excise officer, took the hint and ran off as fast as his his feet could carry him.

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