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Highland Turk

Amongst the numbers that came to see the British armament at Marmorice, in 1801 before proceeding to Egypt, was an unexpected visitor in the dress of a Turk. This was a gentleman of the name of Campbell, a native of the district of Kintyre, in Argyleshire.

Early in life he had been so affected by the death of a school-fellow who had been killed by accident, as they
were at play together, that he fled fsom the country and joined the Turkish arnsy. He had served forty years
under the standard of Islam, and had risen to the rank of general of artillery.

He went on board the ship, where the 42nd were embarked, to inquire about his family. When he saw the men in the dress to which he had been accustomed in his youth, he was so much affected that he burst into a fow of tears. The astonislsment of the soldiers may be easily imagined, when they were addressed in their own language (which be had not forgotten), by a Turk in
full costume, and with a white beard flowing down to his girdle.

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