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Macdonald of Keppoch, Scotland

The manner in which Macdonald of Keppoch conducted himself at Culloden, where he met his fate, is highly honourable to his memory, while it has often been made a subject of reproach to the Macdonalds by whom he was abandoned. The three Macdonald regiments were stationed on the extreme left, and went off without striking a blow, when they were within twenty paces of the enemy, though they had drawn their swords for the attack.

“When the Macdonald regiments retreated,” says Home, “without having attempted to attack sword in hand, Macdonald of Keppoch advanced, with his drawn sword in one hand, and his pistol in the other. He had got but a little way from his regiment when he was wounded by a musket shot, and felL A friend who had followed him,
asking him not to throw his life away, said that the wound was not mortal, that he might easily join his regiment, and retreat with them. Keppoch desired him to take care of himself, and going forward, received another shot, and fell to rise no more.”

This misconduct of the Macdonalds was chiefly occasioned by a circumstance which, though it may appear trivial in the eyes of many, was capable of kindling the fiercest rage in the bosoms of Highlanders, for hey were stationed on the left instead of the right of the army.

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