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The Miracle of Queen Margaret’s Book

She had a book of the Gospels beautifully adorned with jewels and gold, and ornamented with the figures of the four Evangelists, painted and gilt. The capital letters throughout the volume were also resplendent with gold.
For this volume she always had a greater affection than she had for any others she was in the habit of reading. It happened that while the person who was carrying it was crossing a ford, he let the volume, which had been
carelessly folded in a wrapper, fall into the middle of the stream, and, ignorant of what had occurred, he quietly continued his journey. But when he afterwards wished to produce the book, he, for the first time, became aware
that he had lost it. It was sought for a long time, but was not found. At length it was found at the bottom of the river, lying open, so that its leaves were kept in constant motion by the action of the water, and the little coverings of silk which protected the letters of gold from being injured by the contact of the leaves, were carried away by the force of the current. Who would imagine that the book would be worth anything after what
had happened to it? Who would believe that even a single letter would have been visible? Yet of a truth it was taken up from the river so perfect, uninjured and free from damage, that it looked as though it had not even been touched by the water, let others consider what they should think of this, but as for me I am of the opinion that this miracle was wrought by our Lord
because of His love for this venerable Queen.

Turgot, The Life of St Margaret, Queen of Scotland (early 12th century)

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