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A Scottish Highland Charge

They advanced with rapidity, discharged their pieces when within musket length of the enemy, then throwing
them down, drew their swords, and holding a dirk in their left hand with their target, they darted with fury on
the enemy, through the smoke of their own fire. When within reach of the enemy’s bayonets, bending their left
knee, they, by their attitude, covered their bodies with their targets, and received the thrust of the bayonets,
which they contrived to parry, while at the same time they raised their sword- arm, and struck at their adversaries.

Having got once within their bayonets, and into the ranks of the enemy, the soldiers had no longer any means of defending themselves, the fate of the battle was decided in an instant, and the carnage followed ; the Highianders bringing down two men at a time, one with a dirk in the left hand, and another with a sword.

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