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The air being very serene, and the climate temperate in Scotland, the natives partake accordingly of both. They
have clear understandings, are sagacious, quick at finding out their interest, and diligent in pursuing it. Abroad in foreign countries, whither necessity or
curiosity often drives them, they are industrious, frugal, and very dexterous in accommodating themselves to the manners of the people with whom they live.

The gentlemen are well bred, and as generally learned as in any other country in Europe. The women of condition are handsome, fruitful, and modest, and very good at managing their famihes, and educating their families. The people are generally religious, and very zealous in adhering to that sect which they profess. They are very temperate in eating and drinking, even in countries where luxury and excess in both is too much practised.

They are zealous lovers of their country, though very willing to settle abroad when they have any opportunity of doing so: fearless of danger, and patient to endure
the hardships and fatigues of war. In a word, they are a people who have always been tenacious of their liberty,
and whom no threatening, nor any prospect of advantage, could make to yield to conquerors, though more rich and powerful than them.

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