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Anstruther Harbour

Anstruther, Fife, is where I was raised in Scotland. The ancient Royal Burghs of Anstruther Easter and Anstruther Wester, lie on either side of the harbour, which has become an important herring fishing port. The manse of Anstruther Easter dates from 1590. Both burghs have Churches with unbuttressed 16th cent, towers, showing picturesque outlines, while the Church at Kilrenny, a little inland, has a similar tower. St. Ayles House is associated with the monks who once occupied Balmerino Abbey.

Adjacent to Anstruther Easter, on the north- east side, is CeIlardyke, another Royal Burgh, these being now united under Kilrenny. Out to sea is the tiny Isle of May, with its bird-watching station and lighthouse, one of the earliest sites for a lighthouse off the coast of Scotland. It is now a National Nature Reserve, where more than 200 species of birds have been recorded.

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