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Bridge of Balgie

Bridge of Balgie

Bridge of Balgie, Perthshire, is situated in beautiful Glen Lyon, one of the longest in Scotland, and at the point of divergence of the steep, narrow mountain road leading south-wards to Loch Tay over a 1,805-ft. high shoulder of Ben Lawers, 3,984 ft., and passing the little Lochan na Lairige.

To the south-east of the lochan rise the peaks of the Tarmachan group, 3,421 ft. There are hydro-electric
developments in this district. The narrow road continuing
westwards from Bridge of Balgie into the bare and lonely
hill country of Upper Glen Lyon soon passes near the
picturesque Meggernie Castle. by the River Lyon, which
dates partly from c. 1582. T

o the west, in the hills, Lochs Giorra and Dhamh have been united to form a new reservoir. The road eventually reaches Loch Lyon, now greatly extended, near which a large new dam has been constructed. The head of the glen is surrounded by lofty, green hills, dominated by Ben Achallader, 3,404 ft., to the north-west, on the Argyll border, and Ben Heasgarnich, 3,530 ft., to the south. The latter is the highest peak of the Forest of Mamlorn group in the Breadalbane.

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