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Clova is situated in the lonely and picturesque Glen
Clova, threaded by the South Esk River, and forming one of the fine Braes of Angus glens, which lead into the heart of the eastern Grampian or Benchinnan mountains The tiny village is known as Milton of Clova, and to the north-west are scanty remains of the former castle.

A walkers’ track leads northwtrds from a point near the church, and penetrates into the hills to reach the mountainen circled Loch Brandy, at a height of 2,098 ft., overlooked by a sharp ridge known as the “Snub of Clova” with Boustie Ley, 2,868 ft., rising to the west. The road continuing towards the lonely head of the glen, near Braedownie, travreses scenery of increasing wilderness as the hills close in on either side. Near Clova Church, the road through the glen divides into two branches, one on each bank of the river, with ilnbracks
2,478 ft. and Dog Hillock, 2,369 ft., rising to the east. The roads reunite after some six miles and lead to Dykehead.

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