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Wemyss Castle

Wemyss a parish in Fife, embraces the villages of East and West Wemyss. The district is of much archaeological and historic interest. On the shore to the north-east are two square towers which are supposed to have formed part of Macduffs castle; and near them are the remarkable caves (weems, from the Gaelic, uamha) from which the district derives its name. Several of them contain. archaic sculptures, held by some to be the work of the Christian missionaries who found shelter here; by others ascribed to the same prehistoric agency as the inscribed stones of northern Scotland. Near East Wemyss is Wemyss Castle, the ancient seat of the family of the same name which has played a conspicuous part in Scottish history. It was at Wemyss castle that Mary, queen of Scots, first met the earl of Darnley, in 1565, and her room is still known as the Presence Chamber.

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