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The old Cross Keys Hotel in Peebles, Scotland, has a reputation for having an extra guest. Perhaps 'extra guest' is not such an appropriate term to use, for the ghost is that of Marion Ritchie, who was once the landlady of the inn. On hearing about the things she gets up to, it is tempting to wonder whether Miss Ritchie resents the fact that the establishment over which she once presided is in the hands of others. Perhaps she dislikes the modern world. Whatever motivates her ghost, she likes to cause trouble, although, so far, the trouble has not been serious. Things are moved from place to place, and crockery and glasses are broken.

She makes her presence felt from time to time in the hotel, and people claim even to have heard her voice. Miss Ritchie's specialty is tampering with electrical goods, switching things on and off to cause irritation and consternation. Is this a sign of the good woman's contempt for all things modern or is she merely fascinated with the wonders of technology?

In 1975 the hotel attracted the interest of a group of investigators who brought recording equipment into the hotel to try and capture Miss Ritchie's voice on tape. They set up their machines and settled in to wait for some action. Obligingly, Miss Ritchie made herself heard. The investigators were delighted. They had captured the voice of a ghost on tape!. However, the playback was distorted and useless. They tried again but were rewarded with a soundless tape. Much the same happened with a third attempt, in spite of the fact that before setting up for recording, all equipment was checked meticulously and sound levels carefully set. It seemed that they had been the victims of another of Miss Ritchie's little tricks.

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