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The Gael's breathing place - on the summit!

There never was great news
But was a loss to somebody.

You will never know a man,
Until you do business with him.

There is not much guile in the heart
that is aye singing songs.

There is no man's death
without another man's gain.

Friendship will not stand on one leg.

He who would enjoy the fruit
must not spoil the blossom.

Sorrowing always is not good,
And music (mirth) always is not good.

Neither main nor mountain can deprive a prosperous man of his possessions, But the unfortunate man cannot retain a rivulet.

Due civility never broke a man's head,
And great the pity to be at any time without it.

A promise can never be tied (or tethered.)

There is no deceit so great as a promise unfullfilled.

The deaf will hear the clink of money.

One hapless act may undo a man,
And one timely one will re-establish him.

The pig will keep its own stye clean.

A good tale is not the worse of being twice told.

Buy according to your needs,
And sell as you may desire.

There is no profit without loss.

No door closes without opening another door.

Friendship conceals blemishes.

There ne'er came a clean bird out of a kite's nest.

Vanity is not without trouble.

A curse breaks no bones.

A blessing feeds no one.

Good is not obtained without trouble.

There is no concealment of evil
But by avoiding it.

There is no hero without compare.

Quickness and neatness do not go together.

The thief has only two eyes,
But there are a dozen eyes watching him.

Say but little and say it well.

During the year when meal is scarce
Let big bakings be few.

The medicine (or liniment) that hurts the most
Is generally the best healer.

The wind seeking the harbours.

All dogs down on the strange dog.

Scattering the sheaves and gathering the straws.

The lion is known by the scrath of his claw.

The oar that's nearest at hand, row with it.

He who will not prosper in his sleep.
Will not prosper when awake.

The more you get of what's good,
The less you will get of what's bad.

He who is wettest,
let him go to the well.

The herb that cannot be found
will not give relief.

Bailing the sea with a creel.

Who farthest away e'er did roam
Heard the sweetest music on returning home.

Little by little, as the cat eat the fish.

What is well done will be shown by results.

The message from hell
Give to the highest bidder.

What goes far from the eye
Will go far from the heart.

Fair weather, the evening,
high water, and the Sabbath.

When we are seeking gold, let us be seeking gold;
And when we are seeking bait let us be seeking bait.

When you hear a tale that is not pleasant, do not believe it.

Who keeps not his arms in times of peace,
Will have no arms in times of war.

Straightening the bend in old wood Is a difficult job.

According as thou esteemest thyself
Others will esteem thee.

The first story from the host,
And tales till morning from the guest.

He that waits long at the ferry
Will get across sometime.

He who will not look before him
Will look behind him.

Three that won't bear caressing,
An old woman, a hen, and a sheep.

The long clean road,
and the short dirty road.

The worst cow in the fold
Lows the loudest

What cannot be helped
Must be put up with.

If it is worth taking,
it is worth asking for.

What is got by guile
will disappear with the wind.

A friend's eye is a good looking-glass.

Honour belongs to old age.

Necessity will get something done.

Council can be given,
but not conduct.

A man may force a livelihood,
but he cannot force fortune.

One man can lead a horse to the water,
But twelve cannot make it drink.

A black ewe may have a white lamb.

A conceited fellow and a laird's tyke
Two who should not be allowed their own way.

Felicity follows generosity.

A man's faults will be as large as a mountain
ere he himself sees time.

A smooth tongue will blunt wrath.

The last sigh will be painful.

Have the caution of a thief over every one,
But make no one a thief.

Pretty, not plausible.

That were a star on a dark night.

Better not to begin than stop without finishing.

Desperation will give courage to a coward.

The best apple will be on the highest bough.

There will not be one wise man
Among a thousand fools.

Quick to love,
quick to hate.

None ever set his shoulder to
That did not what he sought to do.

Gentility will not boil the pot.

"I am not a scholar, and don't wish to be",
As the fox said to the wolf.

It is not the quietest sow
that eats the least.

A hundred thousand welcomes.

A man will die to save his honour.

Anger may look in on a wise man's heart,
but it abides in the heart of a fool.

A red-haired, black-eyed woman,
A dun, fiery-eyed dog,
A black-haired, red-bearded man,
The three unluckiest to meet.

Choose your company before you choose your drink.

A wise man will form a year's judgement
from one night's knowledge of another man.

The world will pass away, but love and music will endure.

A man is known by his company.

Three that come unsought - fear, jealousy and love.

He who will keep a boat, will get a day for sailing.

Neither seek nor shun the fight.

Don't lift me up until I fall.

A house without a dog, a cat or a little child,
is one without affection or merriment.

He who holds his tongue keeps his friend.

Do not judge by appearances,
a rich heart may be under a poor coat.

He who is late rising will be in a hurry all day.

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