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Bailie William Watson, Glasgow:
Approach and read, now with your hats on,
For here lies Bailie William Watson;
Who was famous for his thinking,
And moderation in his drinking.

Tammy Messer:
Here lies the banes of Tammy Messer,
Of tarry woo' he was a dresser;
He had some faults and mony merits,
And died of drinking ardent spirits.

John Taggart, Wigtown, Galloway:
Here lies John Taggart, of honest fame,
Of stature low, and a leg lame;
Content he was with portion small,
Kept a shop in Wigtown, and that's all.

John MacPherson:
John MacPherson
was a remarkable person
He stood 6 foot 2 without his shoe,
And he was slew at Waterloo.

John Cameron [Johnnie Laddie], Brachlach: Sacred to the memory of a character, John Cameron, `Johnnie Laddie,' A native of Cambeltown, Ardersier, Who died there August 26, 1858, aged 65 years. Erected to his memory by public subscription.

Sixty winters on the street,
No shoes nor stockings on his feet;
Amusement both to small and great,
Was poor `Johnnie Laddie.'

This spot is the sweetest I've seen in my life,
For it raises my flowers and covers my wife.

John Randle - Miser
He was mean and rotten to his wife,
And soon will be forgotten.
He was mean and rotten to his wife,
But now he's only rotten.

A Poor Tenant Farmer
The angels were alerted,
And to his bed were sent,
They waited with the landlord,
Who's still waiting for his rent.

Village Baker
We miss your lovely soda scones
And your loaves both brown and plain,
But it's nice to know you'll never want
Nor knead the dough again.

Here lie Willie Michie's banes:
O Satan, when ye tak' him
Gie him the schooling of your weans,
For clever de'ls he'll mak' 'em.
Robert Burns from a poem "On a Schoolmaster"

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