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Dundee to America

Dundee to America

Dundee is twinned with Alexandria in the USA, and the name is found in many parts of the USA: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin.

Birthplace of the following:

Francis Bannerman (b.1851), who emigrated to the USA with his parents in 1854 and finally settled in Brooklyn in 1856. He was a noted merchant and an authority on war weapons and military supplies. He was acknowledged as the founder of the military goods business in America.

Williamina Paton Fleming (1857-1911), an astronomer who emigrated to Boston at the age of 20. She discovered many new stars and variables as well as writing many valuable works on the subject. She died in Massachusetts.

Samuel Johnston (1733-1816), whose family emigrated to America in 1736 and settled in North Carolina. He became a lawyer and was a member of the Continental Congress 1780-1782. He was also the 6th Governor of North Carolina, a US Senator 1789-1793 and Justice of the Supreme Court 1800-1803. He was highly valued for his wisdom.

Dr. John Lining (b.1708), who left his homeland and settled in Charleston in 1730, where he established a prosperous medical practice, which lasted more than 30 years. He was also one of the first experimenters in electricity. In 1753 he published his "History of Yellow Fever", the first description of the disease to be published in America.

James MacDonald (1906-1991), who did sound effects and voiceovers, (including the Chipmunks and latterly Mickey Mouse) for Walt Disney productions for 40 years.

James Mackintosh, who emigrated first to Canada in 1817, where he became a bookseller and binder. He then settled in America and was one of the founding fathers of Davenport, Iowa. He also explored the unpeopled prairies before opening a dry-goods store and becoming a leading businessman. He served on the first jury empanelled in Iowa State and was also Iowa's first official bookbinder. He was killed in the Civil War.

David Meekison (1849-1915), who emigrated to Napoleon, Ohio in 1855 where he became a printer. He served in the US army 1866-1869 and later became a banker and established Meekison Bank in Napoleon in 1886. He was Mayor of Napoleon 1890-1897.

Frances (Fanny) Wright (1795-1852), a Reformer and Abolitionist. She was heiress to a large fortune, having been orphaned as a child but went to the USA in 1818 and founded a short-lived community for freed-slaves at Nashoba, West Tennessee in the late 1820's. She settled in New York in 1829 and was one of the early suffragettes and developer of the women's movement. She died in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1852.

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