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Kylesku Curse

Kylesku Curse

The Kylesku Inn is in Sutherland in the northwest of Scotland. It is situated by a bridge of the same name, just beside the old ferry berth. In the 18th Century a ship was wrecked in the waters off Minch, and some of the cargo from the wreckage was eventually washed ashore. One lucky fisherman discovered a barrel of whisky that had survived a battering by the waves.

Very pleased with his find, he heaved it up to the ferry house at Kylesku (now the Inn) and dragged it up to the loft to hide it. The fisherman threw a little party that Saturday night, inviting a few of his friends up to the loft to share in his good fortune. Time passed and the gathering grew rather riotous. No one seemed to care that it was nearly midnight and the Sabbath was drawing near. At this point, versions of the story differ. One version claims that it was the fisherman who tried to calm things down and bring an end to the celebrations, while another tells us that the fisherman's son was the one who became alarmed at the way things were turning out and tried to get his father to stop the party.

Whatever happened in fact will probably never be known for sure, but there was a struggle between the fisherman and his son. The fisherman was thrown down the ladder from the loft. His neck was broken and he died. Before he breathed his last breath, however, he was heard to utter a dreadful curse upon his son. He would get his revenge. It is said that the fisherman's son died at sea not many months afterwards. The fisherman himself, in spite of getting his revenge, still returns to the inn once in a while, appearing near the place where he fell to his death.

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