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Iona, off the west coast of Scotland is visited by thousands of people every year. It is a place of historical interest and pilgrimage, and it is here that St Columba landed from Ireland to begin his mission of spreading the word of God in Scotland in the sixth century. Kings of Scotland from ancient times are buried on Iona, and today the island is a religious center of quite considerable significance.

Iona was attacked by the Vikings on several occasions in times gone by, and the monastery of St Columba had to be restored repeatedly. The ghostly forms of Viking longboats are still said to visit the island from time to time. The ships glide into the harbor by night and eerie figures scramble ashore, re-enacting over and over again their desecration of this sacred place. Monks have been reported as have being seen at various places on the island, especially in the area of the monastery, and the sound of their chanting has also been heard on several occasions.

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