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Glen Urquhart

"Tha loch ann a nis!"

An ancient legend has it that long ago, in the green valley near Loch Ness, there was a magic well that supplied plentiful water for the people, as long as anyone who used the well remembered to replace its cover. One day, a mother drawing water from the well heard her baby crying. In her haste to see to the child, she forgot to replace the cover on the well and the waters bubbled over, flooding the valley.

As the people ran to the safety of the hills, one turned back toward the valley and cried out "Tha loch ann a nis!" meaning roughly, There is a lake in it now!

Glen Urquhart, to which Loch Ness is attached, is rife with legends and famed for its Gaelic, which is said to be the purest in Scotland. It is also a place reputed for the ever-presence of the power of evil, boasting three kinds of devil - the black, the speckled, and the white - and any number of witches.

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