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Cheerful Ghost

Cheerful Ghost

The Learmonth Hotel is part of a stately terrace that was built in nineteenth century Edinburgh. Visitors to the Learmonth Hotel are often fascinated as much by the ghost that haunts the building as they are by the many attractions that the city has to offer. It is quite a mischievous presence, by all accounts, but seems to be harmless in spite of the bother it causes. It has a cheerful disposition, apparently, for staff and visitors to the hotel have heard the sound of its ghostly whistling in the corridors. The spirit plays pranks on the guests from time to time, on occasion locking them out of their rooms. At other times doors are found to have opened or closed themselves and doors that had been locked have been found unlocked. It plays with electrical apparatus, irritating staff and guests when it switches kettles and hairdryers on and off. The ghost's identity is not known, but it's presence makes a stay at the Hotel all the more interesting.

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