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Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey

The ruins of Melrose Abbey are believed to be haunted by a rather sinister ghost. Several people have reported noticing a strange chill in the atmosphere near the place a man called Michael Scott was buried in the late thirteenth century. Michael Scott was a very intelligent man of great learning, interested in philosophy and science. During his lifetime he acquired a reputation as a practitioner of the black arts, and he was said to possess strange supernatural powers.

It may have been the case that he was simply rather a scary intellectual, whose brain and knowledge seemed threatening to other less educated or intelligent people. Nonetheless, he was a man who inspired fear among many people, both in life and after death. The site of his grave in the abbey is believed to be haunted by his spirit. The sensations that are felt by those who are sensitive to such things are not pleasant ones. Many people reportedly have felt an ominous chill in the air when they have stood in the vicinity.

Stories of vampirism and other crimes, sometimes attributed to Michael Scott, sometimes to a monk who fell from grace in ancient times, are also associated with Melrose Abbey. A ghostly figure that has been reportedly seen sliding like a snake along the ground in the Abbey ruins is taken to be a manifestation of this spirit.

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