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Martin Mansion

George Martin went to the United States from Scotland and settled in Naperville, Illinois. He became wealthy building bricks, blocks and tiles needed to rebuild Chicago after the great fire of 1871. In 1883, he built a 17 room house in Naperville to celebrate his wealth. The Victorian brick mansion features a full two-story bay , “a partial front porch with elaborate Eastlake spindlework railings and columns, a small side entrance porch, and ornate wrought-iron cresting atop the roof line of both house and porch.” Today the house is furnished entirely in the style of the 1880's Victorian. The furniture is made of dark wood and the wall coverings and draperies are in the heavy velvet of the times.

The house is now owned by the Naperville Heritage Society and is located at 201 West Porter Avenue. The house is open to the public and additional information can be obtained by calling 630-420-6010. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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