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Quarrel Burn

"Quarrel burn"

In Quarrel burn The witches meet,
Syne through the air
They scour fu' fleet.
They flee!
And they flee!
Till they reach 'Lochy Faulds,'
Whaur auld Nick in Person
His tribunal haulds.

A tale from Clackmannan across the border from the Kingdom of Fife Years ago, "Quarrel-burn" was a meeting place for the Witches of Dollar. When the unholy assembly had gathered together they would take to the sky on broomsticks for a wild flight to "Lochy Faulds". A twisted Oak tree still marks the spot where the hags held their midnight revels. Beneath the branches of the Oak tree there is a circle of brown earth where no grass or vegetation will grow. The story goes… A local farmer spoke disrespectfully of the witches after the mysterious death of his cattle. The witches heard of this and vowed vengeance. One night they swooped down on the terrified farmer and carried him off to the old Oak tree at "Lochy Faulds". There the farmer stood trial before auld Nick himself. The farmer protested his innocence but the witches challenged him to disprove what had been reported of him. Terrified and in desperation he said, " May a round ring encompass me, and may grass never grow upon it anymore, if I am not innocent of the crime laid to my charge." This was a foolish pact to make in the presence of his Satanic Majesty. It is not known for sure what became of the farmer. Some say that he died on the spot and that his soul is trapped forever in the magic circle.

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