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Scottish Marriage Customs

Scottish Marriage Customs

Before 1750, the bride’s favours were all sewed on her gown, from top to bottom, and round the neck and sleeves. The minute the ceremony was performed, the whole company ran to her and pulled off her favours ; in an instant she was stripped of all of them. The next ceremony was the garter, which the bridegroom’s man attempted to pull from her leg ; but she dropped it through her petticoat on the floor. This was a white and silver ribbon, which was cut in small morsels to every one in the company.

The bride’s mother came in then with a basket of favours belonging to the bridegroom ; those of the bride’s
were the same, with the liveries of their families, hers pink and wlnte, his blue and gold colour. All the company
dined and supped together, and had a ball in the evening.

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