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Scottish Christening Customs

Scottish Christening Customs

In the fourth week after the lady’s delivery she is set on her bed on a low footstool; the bed covered witls some
neat piece of sewed work or white satin, with three pillows at her back covered with the same, she in full dress, with a lapped head-dress, and a fan in her
hand. Having informed her acquaintance what day she is to see company, they all come and pay their respects to
her, standing or walking a little through the room (for there are no chairs).

They drink a glass of wine and eat a bit of cake, and then give place to others. Towards the end of the week all the friends were asked to the cummer’s feast. This was a supper, where every gentleman brought a pint of wine, to be drunk by him and his wife. The supper was a ham at the head, and a pyramid of fowl at the bottom. This dish consisted of four or five ducks at bottom,
hens above, partridges at top.

There was an eating posset in the middle of the table, with dried fruits and sweetmeats at the sides. When they had finished their supper, the meat was removed, and in a moment everybody flew to the sweetmeats to pocket them; upon which a scramble ensued, chairs overturned, and everything on the table, tugging and pulling at one another with the utmost noise.

When all was quiet, they went to the stoups (for there
were no bottles), of which the women had a good share; for, though it was a disgrace to be seen drunk, yet it was none to be a little intoxicated in good company. A few days after this the same company was asked to the christening, which was always in the church, all in high dress, a number of them young ladys, who were called Maiden Cummers. One of them presented the clsild
to the father. After the ceremony, they dined and supped together, and the night often concluded with a ball.

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